The word of God says “And David encouraged himself in the Lord”. There comes a time when you as a pastor will need to motivate yourself, encourage yourself in order to keep going and remain relevant.
If you wait for someone to come and motivate you, you may wait forever.


  • A lot of people do not know that a pastor can be discouraged
  • Everyone expect the pastor to always minister to others, no one think a pastor should be ministered to
  • It is not acceptable for pastor to go around telling others that he is discouraged. As such no one knows what you are going through
  • Many people see the pastor as a housemate of God, a spiritual giant who has solutions to all challenges.

Since it may not be easy to get anyone come to you and encourage you, how can you, as a pastor, encourage yourself.


  1. Go to a colleague, a friend or a senior colleague and empty your mind. Allow such individual to talk to you... swallow your ego and receive what he has to say.
  2. Go to a good bookstore and get a good book – a biography or a motivational book.
  3. Look out for an appropriate leadership or pastors’ seminar and attend. Don’t attend meetings of those who will discourage you the more while boasting of their own achievements, exploits and riches.
  4. Recommend yourself for an honourary degree and celebrate it if you are granted. Bible colleges like Divine power Int Bible College(, and some other seminaries are reputed for giving honourary doctorates to ministers of God
  5. Arrange founders’ Day or pastors Day in your church. Share the idea, with a loyal assistant or your wife  then hand over the organization to them while you sit down and watch. Every church member is to bring a special gift, while short appreciation speeches are to be allowed.
  6. Take a break from the ministry work for a week or two. Go to a beautiful place along side your family members in the absence of pressures, you will most likely come back refreshed and motivated.
  7. Go for A Prayer Retreat: - Discouragement can set in when vision is not renewed and spiritual energy is becoming low. Sometimes it may even be a symptom of Satanic attacks.

When you stay in a prayer closet eating very lightly, receiving neither visitors nor phone calls – the Holy Spirit will descend  to renew your energy.

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