I am amazed at how many people today in 2012 do not honor holiness, and purification. People have deemed this a curse, because women like myself have made the conscience decision, to live holy and wait upon the Lord for a mate., What is even more disturbing, is that there are christian men and women who are living in sin and who are actively excercising their right of liberty. "BUT" I would like to pose a question to all of my sisters and brothers who may fit this category, Is God pleased with our will to choose against the things he abbhor?

There is nothing wrong with waiting....We must learn how to wait....The conflict comes in when we don't know how to wait...What do you think?


Pastor Henry Etheridge

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Waiting is nothing wrong with that...But God need you to step out on faith because he is not going to come down and put it in your hands

God Bless you Sister Honey, and you are absolutely correct, Faith not applied, is dung for sure!! but SINGLENESS is a blessing, and it has many immenities, especially when your life is carved out in such a way, that your calling takes precedent. I know that someday, the Lord will place me face to face with the Man of God that has been ordained for me, in the meantime, I need to be cultivating my attitude, my sight on how to be the very best for him? This means I must walk in holiness while I wait...Halelujah! Be ye Holy for God is Holy!!! this means my mind must stay holy, my thoughts, my concepts and precepts must remain holy, which is my reasonable service unto God. I can go out to dinner, movies, bowling, and beach and not compromise who I am, while I wait. I desire for my soul mate, to know that he has a good thing, and an anointed thing,...Praise the Name of Jesus!!!


Love you,


Pastor Teresa Henry Etheridge


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