The tune by the Beatles sticks in my head... ever wonder where we get terms?? I am on Holidays ... we mean a vacation .. so what is the differance , we never bother to check out our words and meanings.
Today (March 12 - 13) is the real “Holi Day” a Hindu festival marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring ! It is some times called the festival of colors or the festival of love (what is it about spring and mating ?? ) It is also supposed to represent the victory of good over evil.
Although this is quite noble , as followers of YHWH why do we continue in using terms that have pagan roots?? When asked “Are you taking “Holi Days” I say no I never take “Holi Days” Now we have our “days” and our “English” misuses certain terms ... but the translation renders them as “Set Apart Days” or appointments.
A teacher in my life gave me a moto “It is not what you say that gets one in trouble its how you say it” ! STOP taking or celebrating Holi Days !

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