What Is God's Plan For Your Marriage?

Have you been asking yourself…  "What is God's plan for my marriage?" I hope you are asking, because as I have searched the Scriptures, God has made it clear that He is for our marriages and He holds the institution in high esteem. God wants our marriage to survive and thrive in health and wholeness.

When things get tough, we sometimes rationalize that God’s will, is for us to divorce. God does, indeed, want us to be happy! But God wants us to honor our commitments as well.

The Scriptures allow for marriages to be ended if there is infidelity. Interestingly, the majority of marriages survive an affair, and many become even stronger.

For me, I draw the line at a physically abusive relationship. At that point, there is an issue of safety.

Other than that, I side with God. Marriages are to be saved. Are you with me? Will you join me in allowing God to help save OUR marriage?

Just a few days ago I sent out an e-mail encouraging you to purchase an e-book, about saving Christian marriages. I implore you to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

Let us save our marriages Now!  We can no longer bow our heads in the land of despair while burying our marriages in the cemeteries of divorce. Let US stop pretending OUR marriages are not in need of help, and get the help WE need. There is no need to be afraid. God wants us to have healthy, harmonious marriages.

Let us rise from this place of despair. Let us move from the cemetery of divorce and look to the hills from whence comes help. Let us lift up our heads (all ye gates) and let the Lord of Glory come in with restoration. Come let us save our children, our homes and our families. Get this book… You’ll be blessed and you’ll smile again. You will rise from the ashes.

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Please get this book and I guarantee 100%, that your marriage will be revived and revolutionized. You, your home, and family will find fresh revelation and comprehension just a click away. This link will lead you to a powerful tool that will revolutionize your concepts of the marriage union. 

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To all ministers this is an awesome tool to have in your library. The lord has placed an instrument in your hands to stretch across the waters of family distress and turbulence in our ministries. This tool can carve the way to healthy homes, communities, cities states and nations. God is counting on you? What Are You Going To Do?

Last but not least,  I want to inform you that the afore mentioned link will take you to a page that requests your e-mail address.  Please DO NOT enter your e-mail address! Go directly to the ORDER ICON to purchase this book!http://7a764xqctdra34eojruo0elo48.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=BB2300D

 God Bless You

Yours in Christ

Dr. Anthony Yarde

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