This is a subject that is discussed with most Pastors that we meet. Please share your honest thoughts.

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Thank you Pastor Richardson. I'll await your response and pray for that you'll have good sucess in the National Baptist Congress.

Joshua 1:8 - This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.
Brother Marshall, your comments are so in-tune with church musicianship. You really should consider writing a book or a manual so that churches worldwide can read and understand the time and effort those of us who LOVE playing for the Lord really spend in preparation for worship. I have been a musician for over 20 years and pray to God that our churches would come to know the value of a well-trained, well-versed, and well-rounded Godly minister of music.

God bless you my brother

Rev KD Moss, OKC
Thank you Rev. Kevin D Moss.
Your remarks are generous and I am humbled by them. To God be the Glory.

I'm consistently reminded that there remaineth true Church musicians among us.
We may never be famous. Our names may never be in lights and yet we have been called and counseled, chosen and chastened; created and crafted to be church clinicians.

I love to write. I believe for right now; I should let the trainingwheels remain, but pray for me.

Let's also remember DR.Marietta Brown for posting such a timely topic about the committed or the uncommitted music ministers to local churches who are consistently and sometimes competively compensated in the music ministry. There is a widespread of voices and viewpoints; issues and insights; conceptions and conclusions. Thanks

God bless you and your families and your ministries.
Afternoon Rev Luckett,

Thank you. I've always been so geared to the music side of things. Let me pray on that.

I'm reminded of when Mary [the mother of Jesus] went to visit her cousin Elisabeth [John the Baptist Mother] to share her encounter with the angel Gabriel; the bible says that the baby leaped within Elisabeth's womb. [Luke 1:41]

No Sir, I don't have a womb. LOL But there is something going on in my spirit.
Keep me in prayer. I'll leave you with one of my favorite scriptures:

Ephesians 1:3 - Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

Enjoy your week.
So then my good educated brother....what would the average salary of a Music Minister be?????
LOL Minister are a funny

Mr. Richardson, I don't know if you are in ministry or not but just in case you're have to simply understand....and I by the way thank you for your response because it (to me atleast) opens the door for you and people who think like you about musicians to understand that what you see on sundays or anytime that you see musicians in service is not the full picture at all really....let me help you my Brother in Christ to realize that when you are in ministry you can't just turn on and off your calling, just like a police officer can't not be a police offficer when he is off duty, no matter where they are..they will continue to function like a police officer, so when you attemp to make a referrence to "hours worked" please understand that our hours worked go well beyond the time you see us at church.

"Passionate musicians" don't just do what is necessary to get by....we live, sleep, eat and drink music all of the time. We are always thinking of ways to be better, play better, teach better, it is our way of life see..when you are at home spending time with your loved ones, we are at home getting raked over the coals by our loved ones, because we are trying to put the finishing touches on a new arrangement of a song for choir rehearsal, or we might be trying to learn this difficult chord progression in this new worship song that needs to be ready by Sunday, all the while neglecting our duties at home so that we can weather the storm at church when people complain that they are tired of hearing the same ol songs every week or month. See when you are passionate about a thing it consumes you. We have to stay up on the current trends and worship styles and literature that is being introduced to the masses. We as musicians wish we could have more time to just relax and enjoy life like ordinary church membership, but the call on our lives is greater and to much is given much is required, and what we do outside of the church in our own personal time is greatly misunderstood as it relates to our assignment in ministry. I want to tell you and anyone else that is reading this should really appreciate your musicians especially if they are good, because I can tell you with great certainty they didn't just become great over night, it takes alot of sacrifice on our part and dedication to our craft. All musicians are not willing to do the things that will help them to acheive excellence....but I can tell you this,.. spending a few hours at church is not going to get it done.

I have heard that there are some musicians that are making a nice piece of change..but again as I stated before those musicians are the exception and not the regular musicians are fighting for every dime we can get ! these days my Brotha, so please do your research first before generalizing because you will come to find that what most people say about musicians is generally a false characterization or limited in their scope of inquiry. I wish more musicians would tell the truth on what's really going on in the music ministry....because we are getting a bad rap in so many repsects.
Hey Professor Brown, Great points.

Dr. Marting Luther King Jr. said, "Let Freedom Ring."
Mr. Rodney King said, "Can't We All Just Get Along."
They are both profound statements. LOL

Everyone sees the glory of it all, but few understand the story behind it all. Let the church say, Amen.
When I teach a Sunday School Class, there is no test. My ability is not in question. Everyone's understanding of what they've just been taught is not put on public display. If there are questions from the class, I answer them and we move right along.

But in rehearsals that prepare singing saints for the worship service......It is a test. It is a challenge. It will be a public display of what they've been taught. If the music is not right.....Who's accountable?
Musicians, singers and all of those who are part of the altar are very visible. When they open their mouths they are very audible.

You may not remember who the usher is or what deacons or elders were sitting down from; but you will remember a tacky musicians and horrible singers. You will notice immediately dis-order and unorganization. Who's accountable. Who has just failed a weekly exam?
No one else in my humble opinion, [SMILE] meet as often, work as hard, deal with the number of people,[attitudes] receives the bad press, rip and run and is judged so severly as the music ministry.

Allow me to throw this in:
The music ministry is called to lead the worship and not to be the worship.
We are not suppose to be entertainers, unless we are selling ticket at the door. Don't play me.
Everyone has the right and responsiblity to praise the Lord. Nobody is so wonderful that they steal the praise. Open up your own mouth and praise the Lord. Amen.

Ok, Let me go. I have to get ready for rehearsal. Praise God.
Like I said...I am not a Musician...but I can appreciate the dialogue.
You all have given me great insight today and great apprerciation for the Ministers of Music.

All be blessed. Amen!!
I am going to Amen what you have said my brother,because if there is any group in the church that is such heavy scrutiny,it is the music ministry.One of the bad things is most of the critcs consider themselves as experts in the field,and a lot of times,these critics will not sing in the choir,can't carry a tune in a bucket,and most of all from a musician standpoint,they can't even play DEAD!!!!,yet they will be the first ones to offer unsolicited critiques on the music or the song service.I have been in ministries,where some musicians and other music ministers befriended these people,just so they could keep their jobs.And that's why I had written in a earlier post,that I always,always,deal with only the people who have been designated as a liasion for the Pastor,or primarily the Pastor himself(or herself).The rendering of the song service is a very impotant part of ministry,and sometimes I really believe that too much importance is placed in that one particular area.My thought is that it is just as impotant to have clean restrooms(with toilet paper),friendly smiling,cheerful,ushers,as it is to have a good music department.I caught some heat from another post where I said,that the deacon that sits up and goes to sleep(on the front pew)is just as much hinderance to the service,as the choir rendering a terrible song service,and I know from over 40 years of experience that if we would come and reason together,a lot of conditions can be improved.Until we realize that churches need qualified,saved,musicians,and qualified,saved,and annointed Pastors,then we can start mending the broken fences.I have said to a lot of young musicians that are coming behind me,that to last in this need Jesus!!!!,and you need to be tough!!to be able to deal with all of the things that can come your way.Many times you WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED......for the hard work....the long hours that you put in.I was in Florida last week,and I had to be on the organ that Sunday for the 7:30 am mind you,I drove to Florida and I live in Texas...I know some of you will say I should have flown....but I didn't want to fly.....I like my feet on Higher Ground(anybody remember that old hymn???)and with God's help I made it....not because of the money,but because I am dedicated and faithful to my calling,and that is what it takes to survive in this dispensation of Gospel Music in churches.I know a lot of TALENTED FOLK,sitting on the sidelines because they are not faithful.....but when you endure through whatever comes your way....God gives you favor.......and favor is not fair!!!!but we serve a just and Holy God who is right...and I look forward to the day when we can unball our fists,and let down our guard,and work together as a functioning ,healthy,body...all for His Glory-Be Blessed
sir, if you read my follow-up comments you would have determined that i was playing devil's advocate and attempting to generate lively and informed debate and discussion. i have been on both sides of the equation, as musician and pastor. i have been a musician for 50 years, and have played professionally as a jazz musician, taught college music, and have also been a church musician since my Christian conversion.( i think I'm a little older than most of the people commenting). so now, as a pastor, i am very sensitive to the needs (and challenges) of church musicians, especially those that minister to the Lord for the people, with the people, and to the people for the Lord. I appreciate your passion and comments. God bless!!
Its great, we are still sharing our views and to hear from many we have not heard from in a while Rev Luckett and Minister Youndblood an all of you . We have read all the comments..We can read responses from Pastors as well as Musicians and the five fold Ministry,Great to hear from every one. Pray more will join us that we can assit to clear up hurts, misunderstandings and just learn and share from each other,Every one have a blessed Month .
Bless all of you. Its great to read all of your comments. Rev Luckett and Minister Youngblood were the two that started with us ,when we started the discussion.. Its great they are still responding and all of you. We dont want to mention names because we read all of the comments and they all are important to this topic.Many hurts and just misunderstandings and new information is being shared.We pray many will join to discuss this topic. We have a similiar topic on this site where there is a greater response.Every one may want to view , there are more comments and information.. Lets continue our discussion.Thanks


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