If you had the perfect studio, the perfect musicians, and morethan enough money to complete the demo do you know what songs you would record? If you've already written the material, have you developed it enough so that you would be able to go and record it right now on the spot?

Well, I want to encourage you and stir you in your spirit to take a deeper look at yourself and the effort you are putting into ministering to the world.This is mostly to those who are newly discovering their calling in music ministry and singers who want to got to the next dimension. It is all about preparation and perserverance. When preparation meets opportunity it is instant success!!!

Ministering or performing on a world stage or whatever you prefer to call it, takes focus and dilligence. Most recording artists on that level are there on purpose. They purposed within themselves to do and become who they are. Dreaming it is not enough. Faith without works is dead.
Take me for instance...back in the day.... I was like 17 or so years old. Very used to singing in public but not exactly experienced in stage presentation or vocal techniques with various types of stages or anything on a real professional level. I sang in church all my life, small churches, medium, churches, cathedrals even...but for the most part...only churches. Singing with stage monitors, ear pieces and television cameras is a whole new world.

Why is that so important when all I want to do is record and sell CD's ? That's exactly what I would've thought when I had no idea how to be successful as an artist. Because unfortunately, it's not just about singing and making and selling records...there is a prerequisite to all that you know.

First of all, who are you going to sell CD's to if you don't build a consistant fan base.
And even if you think you already have a decent fan base, thy won't be fans for long if you have not perfected ministering and performing live... just as good or better than your CD sounds!
And no company in there right mind will sign someone who they would have to train how to perform and teach all the basics of performing and doing so in every city, every state, every event, every night!!!
So, without even going any further on subjects such as lighting and photography, concert productions, and promotions, etc., etc....


So, you really believe you are called to the Nations to minister in song?
If there was one reason you would say you are not already signed to a major label what would it be?
If there was just one reason you believe you are not already nationally known , what would it be?

Is it just because of finances? If you were handed a million dollars right now what are the first steps you would take? Would you be prepared to make the necessary purchases in that same hour or would you have to save it until you prepared and planned?

Is it because you have not made a decent demo yet?

Listen, if you are serious about singing or doing anything for the Lord on a national scale... especially representing Jesus Christ, please consider these suggestions:

1. Make your calling and election sure.
Seek God diligently to understand and know your divine gifts and purpose.
Oftentimes what we desire is not exactly God’s perfect will for our lives.

2. Make sure you prepare for all aspects of ministry within your gifting and calling.
There are steps that must be taken and areas in your lifestyle that must become disciplined …
Spiritually, Physically, and Financially.

A. Spiritually - Stay in close relationship with God through living a holy life, prayer, fasting and studying His Word. God’s anointing and presence does not appear or rest upon you by accident. The more you feel what you are singing/ministering the more the audience will feel.

B.Physically- Practice makes perfect. Practice singing and vocal technique daily or as often as possible. Remember the way you practice is the way you will train yourself to perform. Practice singing in full voice, standing up or walking, dancing or however you will be performing live.
Take care of your body and your voice. If you are hungry, or over-full or tired before you minister you will not be at your best. Know the songs you are ministering like the back of your hand. If you are more concerned about the words or if you are going to make a mistake than ministering to the people you are going to be flat.

C. Financially- Don’t quit your “day job”. Just because working at a fastfood restaurant is not your destiny in life doesn’t mean it serves no purpose to where you are headed. You need money to record, to package CD’s, to rent concert venues, to travel to other shows, photography and the list is endless. Your income is going to help you do those things. No one likes to take care of an aspiring singer, actor or whatever we believe our future is in…we are not beggars and free loaders. We are professionals! Work with your own hands, pay your tithes and offerings, help support others who minister in the same field, etc. and God will bless you tremendously. Your job may be temporary but it is NECESSARY!!

3. Count Up the Cost!
Evaluate what the real price will be in order to do things properly, skillfully and in a spirit of excellence as you endeavor to minister and serve God’s people. You are representing Christ …and the true purpose is to minister and meet a spiritual need and in turn God will prosper you through your ministry.
If you are doing it for fame or fortune , do not expect God’s blessing to remain on your efforts.
If you are willing and obedient to take up your cross and follow Jesus, you will eat the good of the land.

4. If you really want to make a HIT…remember to always be …
I…in obedience to God

This is just a brief overview of a few points and tips I wanted to share with you who are fairly new to this. To those of you who are way beyond these things I’m sure you can give me an amen on a lot of this information. Please feel free to join in and discuss this further or ask any questions you may have.

There is so much more I will be sharing with all of you who are headed for greatness as singers, songwriters and music ministers. Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men…
The Best is yet to Come!!!

In His Love,
♥Prophetess Arleen Dorn♥


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