Hello Music Ministers!
Are you ministering and performing just the way you've rehearsed it? Does the Holy Spirit often take you somewhere unexpected? When you minister are you thinking of what the congregation or audience are thinking or are you focused totally on God and the message you are trying to convey?

Well the answer to these questions could be the difference of your entire presentation...Rehearsed or Spirit-Filled.
Because God has anointed us, it does not always mean we have "perfect" skills or talent that needs no improvement. It simply means His Spirit is upon you because of a heart of true worship and/or He is pleased with the fact that you live what you minister. Or in other words, practice what you preach.
A few things I have learned concerning this is that, you rarely can fool the audience or the listeners. They generally know who is singing or playing an instrument to be seen of men or to become famous and if the music ministers are truly there to minister and connect with the people and displaying a sincere heart of worship. If you don't feel it, most times the audience won't either. If you also minister with tracks, it's very important to familiarize yourself with the tracks so well that you are able to minister in between and or deliver it in such away the audience feels like they've been ushered into a worship experience instead of them feeling like they are intruding into your world. By keeping eye contact with individuals throughout the congregation or audience is one of the key ways of effective ministering. Closing your eyes, or your back to them too much while ministering, shuts them out. Even when you're ministering a selection of worship, vertically, between you and God, you must find a way to take them with you. A good way to do this is to adlib, or minister in between the song saying things like, "Come on let's worship the Lord" or "Help me lift Him up" or tell them to join you in singing a certain part of the song.
This is why I prefer singing led by the Holy Spirit as opposed to trying to stick with how I recorded a song all of the time...even along with a track. The audience generally love to be a part of a performance that was exclusive or original and not "cookie-cutter". They feel special, an honored. I found it makes the actual recorded version come alive to those who truly love my ministry. It really depends though,....
The rule is ...more "cookie cutter" when the song is new, more spirit-led when the song is popular or familiar .
Also, ministers of music, always eliminate as many distractions as possible. Such as, using an instrument that is broken or not able to perform 100%, selecting a song that you not sure about the words or arrangement, a bad cd track, using "bad' microphone or faulty equipment ( which sometimes cannot be avoided, when you're invited to a small church or venue. Always try and bring along your own mic or equipment if at all possible, if you're ministering at a new or unfamiliar place.) Professional music ministers always have a performance track or their instrument available wherever they go. If it is previously booked,of course, they have already inquired about the sound system, type of stage area, and how many selections are being requested as well as the size congregation. Adjustments must be made for every kind of congregation or audience.
Generally larger congregations or audiences have great sound systems right? Not necessarily. If it's a new system or if they have a new engineer or system director, evry now and then you may run into a huge church with all the ammenities and no knowledge on how to operate it properly...as of yet. Be prepared to adjust to any situation foreseen or unforeseen. I've sung accapella when the cd just would not play. After the service, everyone's cd's played fine.
Well, there is so much I have not covered but I WILL BE. ...Feel free to join this disscussion, start another one and ask any questions you need an answer to. I'M NOT AN EXPERT, though I have many years of experience, but between me, you, other ministers of music and the Lord God, we will get you the answers.

Peace and Love,
Prophetess Arleen


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Someone just asked me...so what's the verdict..Rehearsed vs. Spirit-led Performance?
Well a friend of mine said it very well and...well this is exactly what she wrote......

Janice Peterson
Artist/Minister/ Psalmist

Janice writes:

I think it is very important that as music ministers we are well rehearsed in our gifts. However, the anointing is what will make the difference.

Prayer, praise and worship is just as important in your private time as it is in a corporate setting. If we find that the only time we are engaged in prayer, praise and/or worship is when in a corporate setting, we not allowing ourselves to experience the fullness of God and it will be evident in our ministry.

We must always be prepared to put forth our best, but keeping in mind that if God wants to move in a special way and it is not on the program or agenda, we must be sensitive to the desire of the Holy Spirit and submit to His leading. The Holy Spirit is intelligent, and would not ever lead us to do anything out of order. Also, our lifestyle is important too.

We can not live one way at home and present something totally different on stage or at church and expect the power of God to flow through us to effect change in people's lives. It's not happening.

Lastly, holiness is real and necessary. God is holy. Therefore, we are required to be holy as well. We must be set apart from what's commonly referred to as the World. We are in this world, but not of the world. We can not blend with the world and expect our ministry to be powerful and life-changing. It just will not work.


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