Are you committed to loving God and His people?
Are you taking care of your vocal gift?
Are you taking the responsibility for your development and skills?
Are you called to local ministry or worldwide ministry?
Are you spending more time with your ministry than you do with God?

These are just a few of the discussions I would love to have with all our musicians and artists out there.

Right now I would like to advise all the singers and worship leaders who are preparing for greater audiences or television ministry.

Continue to take care of your gift, your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Find yourself singing and worshipping Him daily. Don't ever practice or sing in a level that you don't actually minister in. If you minister singing from your diaphram with all you've got...then rehearse singing from your diaphram with all you've got. I used to sing around the house late at night or in a capacity not to disturb others in the house for years but when I sang live.. I would minister in overdrive..the Holy Ghost would definitely take me over but what I didn't realize was... I had been training myself to sing much softer than the way I minister. Therefore my live performances would be awesomely anointed and the audience would be moved, but vocally I still did not reach the level of professionalism I desired and I knew was inside of me.

To minister in church or locally, the most you should know is to stay in tune with God and His Spirit. The anointing is present because of a dedicated life to Christ...period. But to minister as a professional throughout the world or on television , we must learn how to marry the anointing to professionalism and skill. We have been freely given the gift but to perfect that which he has given is our responsibility to cultivate. My older recorded projects( music on my page) are all about 40% of the way I really minister and worship. Partly due to illness, and partly due to bad vocal habits such as what I explained earlier...not wanting to wake my family late at night when I would record at why my past recordings are so laid back and with little effort get overly excited. What a mistake...I didn't fully understand my ministry then but eventually I went ahead and casted my bread upon the water anyway , though it's not a professional project, as not to hide it under a bushel. The project I am now preparing is more of what God was trying to teach me about ministry. Perhaps we will still be in touch and I can share it with you later when it is released.
Just know that you have not yet even tapped into the best of what God has blessed you with..but God is Faithful to open doors for you and I will be cheering you on !!!
All the Best to you, your family and your ministry!
Have a Blessed one!

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