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A group to encourage Pastors or those who God has led to start a new ministry for God's kingdom in the past five years or less.

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Comment by Bishop Derrick Day on December 22, 2012 at 1:47pm

Dear Blogosphere Friends and Family,

I recently posted a link on Facebook enabling you to download our ebook, "satan, Let Me Refresh Your Memory" for free. I am trying to get the necessary momentum to obtain a publishing contract for a print version, and publishers only want to publish books that are in demand.

That said, I am asking for your help. We cannot do this without you.

This book has been a blessing to those who have read it. Don't take my word for it; look it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

It was a blessing to Angela and myself to write this, as it flowed out of a time when we were besieged by the enemy - and the Scriptures and prayers that are in the book helped us to remind the devil that the Standard has already been lifted against him!

Now, because this is FREE, and I have over 1600 Facebook Friends and nearly 1200 Twitter Followrs, of which, about 100 or so have already purchased it, means we should have about 2700 new downloads. Now, imagine if we have 2700 friends who download and read the book (you can read the whole thing in about a day or two) and tell just four friends each, and they download it, read it, and tell four friends, we're looking at 43,200 people with this book in their hands.

Extend this out to the nearly 200,000 (!) people who have visited this website in the last year, and the potential is staggering!

Think this will get a publisher's attention? You bet it will! And it will open the door for our upcoming projects - particularly the one I'm taking the Facebook hiatus to complete.

So, click here to download:

Use coupon code NE98D (not case-sensitive) at checkout to get your 100% discount!

I only ask that after reading the book, you'll tell at least one friend about it and write a review that you can copy and paste into Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Also, be sure to visit and "like" our Facebook page, (which, by the way, is also free. By that logic, we should have 1600 "likes.")

Your Brother in Christ,
(Bishop Derrick Day)


Comment by Warrior Richardson on December 6, 2012 at 10:03pm


The objective of this book is to help Christians present the Good News about Jesus Christ with their personal testimony. Since every Christian has been born again he has experiential knowledge about a spiritual reality, namely conversion. He has been transformed into a new creature. These things are real. These events actually occurred. Therefore, even if the person who has experienced these things doesn't understand them, he can still tell people what happened.

Comment by Bishop Derrick Day on December 6, 2012 at 10:15am

I cordially invite you to visit our websites, where you can stay up-to-date on what God is doing through us both in the Phoenix area and in the world:

Our Church (Agape Dominion Outreach) website:

My Blog (Derrick Day Ministries):

Our Facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter:

In the last five months, God has opened doors for us to minister abroad (Nigeria) and to draw world-renown speakers to our Church. And 2013 will be even greater - stay tuned!

If you're in the Phoenix area, we'd love to meet you personally! We meet every Sunday at 10:00AM and every Wednesday at 6:30PM at 10863 W. Surprise Farms Loop S., Surprise, AZ 85388

God Loves You and so do we!

Comment by Bishop Derrick Day on December 5, 2012 at 6:05pm

The Agitation of Love...

Agitation is necessary for acceleration

I was having a conversation with one of my minister friends and he shared with me that he was comfortable where he was. Not that he thought he’d “arrived” or anything, but that he’d reached a point where he was satisfied where he was.

I told him that the “comfort zone” is a dangerous place to be. I don’t ever want to be “comfortable;” I want to be ready for action – in a constant state of agitation.

Click here to

Comment by Milton Wallace on November 30, 2012 at 3:07pm

All Nations TV is setting the standard of what great Christian Television should be.  Check us out at   and become our friend on Facebook at  and like us at  spread the word… Tell your friends about us and suggest us to your friend..

Comment by Alene Evans on November 17, 2012 at 11:44pm

God will provide.  I know many are in need of a financial blessing or know someone who is in need of a financial blessing.  You may need capital for your church, building fund, choir robes, etc.  Many are in need of finances, just to buy food.  If you are interested in being blessed financially email me.   Alene

Comment by Bishop Derrick Day on October 30, 2012 at 6:28pm

Reminder: If you purchase a home at 7% and refinance a couple of years later at 3%, the first thing that happens in the closing is the original debt is fulfilled by the origination of the new contract.

The debt, itself, doesn't go away but the means by which it is serviced changes. Therefore, you don't have to continue to pay under the old contract because it is superseded by the new one.
Comment by emma n j nwosu on September 12, 2012 at 12:42am
Righteousness shall exalt
Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Prov. 14:34 KJV
It is common experience that men have prospered more through sin and wickedness than otherwise. Occult men threaten people that unless they joined the dark kingdom that they cannot receive political appointments, or elective offices. Students who labor hard in their studies have been humiliated with failure because they will not compromise their integrity. Genuine servants of God roam about on foot while messengers of Satan who answer “Pastors” move about in flits of expensive cars. Those who labor hard on honest means of livelihood still squat under the roof of notorious criminals. Decent young women who are waiting for due process in marriage languish in their old age as spinsters while prostitutes get married to leaders of our society and are addressed as “First-lady”. Youths who decide to go to school roam the streets with hunger grinding their intestines while our government pays undeserved salaries to men who had shed the blood of innocent children while still at their mothers’ breast.
All these and more have become the order of the day in our Nation.
The Spirit of the Living God has commanded me to announce that in this last quarter of this year God is about to bring this to a “stop!”
Only RIGHTEOUSNESS will exalt a man, church, family, community or nation. This is because, through this perversion of divine fiat the people are seduced to sin and wickedness. It is an attack on the veracity of the word of God. Many have began to wonder whether it is of any use keeping ones hands clean. Hence sin and crime have become attractive as many young people have begun to seek means to partake in sin so that they can be exalted.
Sin will begin to demote people. Those whose business, churches or ministries, political offices and marriages, etc are built on sin, wickedness or unrighteousness shall begin to face demotion. Sin should bring shame and reproach. That is what it should be. It is unfortunate that our generation may be considered one in which sin made people proud and celebrities. Naked women, lesbians and homosexuals are asking for legislation to help them live in lives of abomination. They do not see anything wrong with their lifestyles because they do not know shame. When what is abhorrent is honored among men, the heart of people tilt towards error. And if the scepter of the wicked remains upon the lot of the righteous, the righteous may turn to do wickedness. That is devil’s agenda- that men will turn to wickedness.
Turn from wickedness before it demotes and ruins you. Cleave to righteousness in this season of divine grace. Let the righteous continue in his righteousness because hence forth……
My Prayer
Oh, Lord, we know that your righteous will is that those who pursue righteousness shall be exalted in the land. But devil and his host have perverted your will. We pray that with the power that enables you to bring all things under your control arise and restore all things the way you have planned it.
Lord, this prayer agrees with your perfect will, hence we know we have a positive answer, even as we pray in the Name of your only Son in whose power you make all things possible and positive for all who approach you through him. Amen.
Your brother Emma.
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Comment by Rev. Jacob Vadlapati on August 17, 2012 at 5:52am

Hi, Please do pray for us


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