Those of us who have been called to be leaders in the body of Christ have a greater responsibility to place our own house in order. Is it easy? No! If anyone would tell you that it is easy to keep your i's dotted and your t's crossed all of the time is not really pursuing God and not dealing with real spiritual warfare. It takes the Holy Spirit to help us, it takes our prayers and the prayers of the saints, it takes wisdom amd discipline and much more.

Some think that because a person has been called that their humaness just automatically comes in line with the word. Actually it becomes more difficult because of the warfare, dealing with difficult and religious people, dealing with increased temptation....It takes everything and then some. However, God is a keeper, if you want to be kept.

What are your thoughts?

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This is a much needed subject for discussion, Pastor Samuels. Some leaders have stepped into a position without proper preparation by the Holy Spirit and led people astray by their own spirits. I don't want to be out of order, and, therefore, out of season. Many have looked at me and some asked why I have not begun to preach and teach. I respond that it's not time yet. I would rather wait and have my house in order than rush in and have Almighty pull the covers off so that the world may see. I long to be an effective leader like Yeshua rather than a deffective one as many have become examples. I shall wait upon Him to send me!


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