What do you think has caused the church, especially the American church to be so out of order with the biblical design for the church? Or do you think it is out of order. Food for thought...A church that walks in godly order is filled with power and true demonstration of His might....

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It's funny how the "organization" of the church is so many times out of order. For example, YHWH may call a man/woman to begin a ministry with a single head. Then, as time progresses and usually without the proper fruit being evident, the mate is placed in a position of co-head. Of course, as the head is so shall be the body, and the role for which the ministry was established is divided and sometimes dismantled.

Back to your post "Is Your House in Order," the above often is a result of the personal house not being in order. There are many spirits which will create an atmosphere that is not conducive to order being welcomed. The Jezebel spirit is running rampant in and out of the church, and is controlling many "homes" in the world today. It's reproductivity has been encouraged made possible by the Women's Rights movement and Roe v. Wade. Men have backed away from their responsibilities out of fear of retaliation, and become silent Adams as they watch the temptor destroy that for which they will, too, be held accountable...the demise of the family (the first church) and the home (the first tabernacle). We, as the older sisters, need to live as helpmeets and teach the younger ones how to do so as well. The mothers of the church didn't teach me how to keep the husband at home or the home as a sanctuary where he would want to stay. They were so busy going to church that they did not create a church called home.

The church seems to think that we are to look outward for signs of power in others. However, with the establishment of a ministry home there is a mandate that comes with it. When YHWH gives a mandate, He provides the power and provision for it to come to pass. Many have become comfortable in the acceptable, but YHWH is not in the acceptable but rather in the exceptional. Those of us who desire to live as demonstrations of His might and power must continue to keep our lives in order as much as possible and let the Holy Spirit do His work in us moment by moment.out


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