My wife is a prophetess and wants to know is the heading covering still necessary, because people come at her as though she is a muslim, but she only living according to 1 Cor 11 th chapter!

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well, Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size, so lets see what he has to say: 11-10-2009-yes, said, the word, it appeared, said, hollie, Jesus, shakes, yes, akways remember bob hickman in prayer,
I would agree that the covering spoken of is still necessary. Now that this is clear, I think the question then becomes, what is meant by covering?

Paul states what that covering is and also its' purpose. The covering is her uncut hair, not her long hair, but her uncut hair.

Let's hear the rest of the story. This is a way for her to communicate non verbally to the spiritual world(the angels) not man.
Any extra article of clothing takes away from the statement that is being made. This realm that she is engaged in is not one that concerns garments, but an attitude and expression toward her husband in obedience to her Father.

Hope this help, it's the Truth

God Bless.
The covering is appropiate however there is no need to call attention to oneself. the covering in the scripture fit with the customs of the society hence the vail. your wife can wear a hat or some kind of Scarf wrapped the way sisters wrap them and the only people that will know she is obeying 1 Cor 11 is you, her and your church family. The Doctrine of head covering is for the church not sinners therfore it should not be used as something to witness. Nor should churches grab unsuspecting visitors to make them conform. It is the Doctrine of the church for the church! why have a sinner cover her head? get her saved first then indoctrinate.


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