I'm not a youth anymore but I came up in the church and there is something about YOUNG PEOPLE who love the Lord. I grew up in the day before "Real Men Worshipped" so I revel in the fact that these young bucks get their praise on free and unrestricted.


The Body of Christ needs to invite, recruit, cultivate and nurture the Brotherhood for the Great Move of God that is about to take place. I struggle with the absence of the Balck man in the home but I struggle even more so at the fact that his presence in the Church is diminishing as well.


Those in the Body...Let your sons see you go forth in the Lord and it means tears, uplifted hands, dancing in the spirit and laying before God. We give surface examples of manhood but it's time to peel back the top layer and get in God's face for the purpose of teaching your sons that God is your love for a lifetime and not to go anywhere without God.


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The Earth was moving before man was even created ok

I agree 100% Preacher...Because the bilbe did say there will be a great falling away...and as men of God we have to show that example toward our younger men.


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