Thats a question we all need to answer, Do you really believe that God is able to just what he said he would, Do you believe that God will raise people from the dead, According to Acts 1:8 God said you will receive power now that power is of the natural and of the spiritual areas, That same power that God had to rise Lazarus from the dead is the same power that God has given us its working by Faith, and if you have crazy faith you should not have a problem on believing in the supernatural power of prayer.

    Believing in something that natural you can't see but to have total faith in your calling to set and decree and show forth the authority that God placed in you to PUSH...PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN....If you have that much belief in God that you can pray till God release the remnant of his manifestation of his glory into someone's life or your own.....YOU HAVE UNLEASHED THE ROOTS INTO YOUR DESTINY!!!

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