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Prayer For Haiti
My beloved, Precious Jesus, I lift up to you the suffering people of Haiti. You who always showed particular passion for the poor, the sick and the grieving.  Look mercifully on these your children in Haiti!  They have lost family, friends, home and livelihood.  Many survivors are desperately ill and wounded for life!  Give them strength in body, mind and spirit to go on.  Give them the precious gift of hope.  Let them experience the genuine love and care of all those who extend help and compassion in every way.  Help to rebuild their nation.  Dear Jesus, your heart is pierced yet again as you behold your suffering sons and daughters of Haiti.  Intercede for them, alleviate their pain and sorrow with your maternal care   In the Precious, Powerful name of Jesus!  Amen

Thank You BPN And Friends

It's only just begun my friends and the Haitian people continue to suffer and struggle to survive.  Some people lost their whole families, not to mention their homes, food and shelter.  It will take years to rebuild that Island and it is our duty to fulfill the calling placed upon our lives, to intercede in prayer, fasting and lend a helping hand in whatever way that we can.  We are all not able to go over there and assist in a personal way but we as a nation, as a people, as Christians and children of God, we can definitely do our part!

Whatever we do may be little to us but it can mean the world to a people that has nothing!  Whether we send donations, or be an advocate in helping send supplies of food, clothing, or whatever the need may be, let us do something.  Some of us may not have anything to contribute and the most noble thing that you can do is pray.  Prayer is the key that unlocks the door for God to send Blessings in a mighty way!  So even if you are able to contribute, please don't forget to pray for our Brothers and Sisters daily because this is what Jesus would do! 

The Haitians have been through some very tough times and it's so amazing at how they continue to bounce back in the time of adversity.  And do you know that in the midst of their troubles and crisis, they still uplift the name of Jesus?  They continue to pray and trust God at all times and this is what continues to sustain them.  They are a people that have an abundance of Faith that's out of this world and it's truly awesome to witness just how strong these people really are!  And I tell you, that alone just lifts my spirit and it's a prime example of how we should be at all times. 

God said pray in season and out of season; in the good times as well as the bad times and no matter what any of us face in life, sometimes we just have to Praise our way through, in order to get our breakthrough.  When I put myself in their place, or in their shoes, I can understand the devastation because I know how distraught I would be and even still, I would be Blessed to be alive!!! 

Submit your Prayers here, by placing them in the comment section below and/or submit your favorite poem or reading and the Lord will surely Bless you for anything that you can do.  God Bless you all and please be obedient to the call!  

In His Grace,


HAITI Pictures, Images and Photos

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Missionary Evangelist, Ambassador
available to speak

I went down to the creek
there's a pig in the
drinking water
let him stay
there's a goat in the
drinking water
let him stay
there's a mule in the
drinking water
let him stay
there's a baby in the
drinking water
let her drink
nobody knows the Haiti I've seen...
Nobody knows the Haiti I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow; nobody knows the Haiti I've seen...Glroy Hallelujah!!! Yolantha, may God continue to Bless you and give you strength and Traveling Mercy, as you go to continue His work in Haiti. My Prayers are always with you and I go with you in Spirit!
By Missionary Evangelist, Children’s Ambassador to Haiti, Yolantha Harrison-Pace
The angels came from heavens around
Stirred by the horrible rumbling of the ground
They all stood at attention shoulder to shoulder
Watching the earth as it began to smolder
They righted their halos and fluffed their wings
They packed Mercy and Grace and miracles to bring
This wouldn’t get fixed with just any bag of tricks
Or some fancy science or new fangled arithmetic
Then it happened…
An avalanche of sobs,
mountains of screams,
monsoons of tears
As the ground shifted, buildings fell,
unleashing oceans of fears
Each angel kissed Jesus goodbye on his forehead
scared from the crown of thorns
Each getting his and her assignment
as harps sounded and Gabriel blew his horn
Raphael opened heavens gate and out each angel flew
Zooming quickly to Haiti--they had much work to do
Holding children’s hands and consoling mothers lips
As breath after breath inched away sip by sip
Big strong men of muscles and wise weaklings too
The angels rocked, stood guard, laid down beside them to see them through
The anguish,
the pain,
the dark,
the dust,
the confusion
As life slipped away and
Porte-au-Prince became an illusion
The angels became blood splattered, ragged and torn
Halos were bent, their robes became dingy and worn
They squeezed in, walked through walls, held heads in their laps
Soothed dying souls in whose arms they were wrapped
Some held on tight,
being brave and
took longer to die than others
Calling on God,
some chanting voodoo,
but all calling for their mothers
They soothed tongues and wiped brows and sometimes for days they would just sit
It was a hard job but however somebody had to do it
Over a million Angels now assigned for a life time to a place
Where generations of people became an extinct race
Assigned to a country that even before the quake
Needed untold help and mercy for pity’s sake
So the angels all the better for wear and tear
Persistently waiting, hovering in the rubble over there
Patiently waiting standing guard over a land
Waiting to see what we will do
made in God-Allah-Buddha image,
called MAN.
So listen, listen loud, pa-rumb-a-pumb-pum; I hear the drumming
Hang on Angels, don’t you fret----------------------------I’m coming.
(June 28, 2010)
What a Beautiful Poem and awesome read! May the Angels continue to watch over you and your children of Haiti & His children around the World! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!
Welcome and enjoy the empowerment of Jesus. Let us watch God doing only what God can do and with His Mercy and Grace He allows us even to participate.
Mama Haiti
Children's Ambassador
Yolantha Harrison-Pace
iam glad to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie

Panis Angelicus


"Panis angelicus fit

Panis hominum;

Dat Panis caelicus

figuris terminum:

O res mirabilis!

manducat Dominum

Koldus, Servus, et humilis.

Te Trina Deitas

unaque poscimus:

Sic nos tu Visita,

sicut te colimus;

Per tuas semitas

duc nos quo tendimus,

Ad lucem quam inhabitas"


"Bread of Angels,

made the bread of men;

The Bread of heaven

puts an end to all symbols:

A thing wonderful!

The Lord becomes our food:

poor, a servant, and humble.

We beseech Thee,

Godhead One in Three

That Thou wilt visit us, as we worship

Thee , lead us through Thy ways,

We who wish to reach the light in which

Thou dwellest."


Power of Your LOVE!


A big thank you for all the affection words! The Affection everywhere, eternally!!



You are Welcome RasaMdd and thank you for this Glorious Prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti. They are still in dire need of our help and continue to suffer daily. I Pray for their total deliverance... "The Lord becomes our food: poor, a servant, and humble. We beseech Thee, Godhead One in Three, that Thou wilt visit us, as we worship Thee, lead us through Thy ways. We who wish to reach the light in which Thou dwellest."... Amen!


I love Opera and what a soul stirring rendition by Andrea Bocelli!!! God Bless you my Friend and I pray for your continuous Ministry for God's Children around the World!


Definition of PAUPER

1 : a person destitute of means except such as are derived from charity; specifically : one who receives aid from funds designated for the poor
2 : a very poor person

Oh, My God! Yes! 
Selfishness and altruism: generates other vicious conduct such as avarice and covetousness, inclusive of cheating and selfishness, inhumanity,  misanthropy, dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt, hatred, and total injustice ...Every race on earth lives for survival, humans live greedy pointless lives, forgetting what love truly means. It's terrible, and painful!


The Bible says: Pray Without Ceasing! 

 Dear my Sibling!

I send my affection! Your heartfelt, and many thank!


God bless and keep you always!!


♥ Boundless Affection.♥

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