For members of President Obama’s cabinet to work together to achieve God’s purposes

But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.
--Psalm 33:11

Mighty God, You are the Creator of the universe. No power or combination of forces can thwart Your plans. In fact, we know You have established those in authority over us, who serve as the leaders of our nation and world, so that Your purposes may be accomplished through them. We may not understand why You do this or how Your will is to be carried out through those You select. We just trust that You do…and we’re grateful.

Heavenly Father, we’re also thankful today for President Obama and the members of the cabinet he appointed for our nation. We intercede, Lord, that You would bring unity into their midst, and that there would be no double-mindedness or division, but rather strong agreement among each person serving on his cabinet. Empower them, O God, to work as one to make Your purposes for them, and the United States, a reality. Make it so, Lord, and we praise You for it, amen.

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Great team of prayor worriers Elohim implories us to stay stedfast in our mission. Now more than ever let us step up our focus and maintain the vision for President Obama and his staff so that his will be So Be It. Peace!
Yes Father as we agree with the previous prayer also, Father in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We bow our knees to you as we sincerely approach your throne of grace. For you alone are worthy to be praised in all of the universe. We thank you Father for your love, protection, healing, wisdom and presense in our lives.

Lord this day we bring before you President Barack Obama, his wife, family and our great nation the United States of America. We praise you for the resources of this nation in good times and in bad. We know Father it is not your desire any of us suffer. However all nations, when sowing on unstable ground will always reap consequences. Your word informs us as believers we reap what we sow. This concept will never change.

Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen our President. Grant him wisdom. Touch his heart to hear and know your voice. Touch the people of America not to discredit the office of the President. For this office is a chosen and God ordained office. Whether the comments are valid we must refrain our tongues from speaking guile. President Obama is the father of our country as you Lord are the Father of our souls. We must remember you sanctioned and allowed him to be elected in office knowing what would happen. For God you know and understand all things from beginning to end.

May American demonstrate humility to pray for President Obama rather than slander his name, his decisions and his actions. Father God you are the one in control. Prior to your quick return certain events must align into play concerning Israel, the middleast and the world. We the people will not understand all of the why's. It is not our place to. There are things happening too big for us to comprehend. The pressure on the President is huge.

Father help our President. Protect our President, his family and all of the officials in the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the Senate.
We need you now more than ever. Our precious President desires to be the solution for all people regardless of their life choices.

Lord cover President Obama with the power of the blood you shed on Calvary. Cover our nation. Send a revival to this land. You are such a merciful God and we love you. Forgive our transgressions and sins. Blot them out yet transform the hearts and minds of the sinners, as well as the minds and hearts of those who claim to be Christian yet are still doing things which are not pleasing in your sight. Father as we pray, cause the people to stop throwing stones at the President. For he will have to answer to you for his choices just as we will have to answer to you for ours. Father send Godly men and women of God into the White House who are full of your Holy Spirit, to bring comfort and counsel to our president. Send him wise spiritual Godly, help for direction. Although people stress church and state must be separate, all of the kings and wise rulers of biblical times always had someone in their palace or kingdom to provide a Godly perspective to political warfare. Jesus grant our President patience through his longsuffering. Cause the power of your presense to fall upon him during these four years. Bless him with a mircle and a hunger to draw closer to you in prayer than ever before.

Father we honor the presidential office of the USA. WE MUST LIFT UP OUR EYES UNTO THE HILLS FROM WHENCE COMES OUR HELP. FOR OUR HELP COMES FROM YOU LORD. Thank you for listening Lord.

God bless your word write it on the Presidents heart and God bless America.

Pastor Alecia
Sound of Judah Faith Ministry
Memphis, TN
Let us continue to pray for President Obama, because prayer is much needed. Also, for his wife and children.


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