This is a season of Spiritual Warfare, the Son's of God must receive the call to duty, the call to Spiritual Arms and the Strategic plans sent down from heaven to gather all the intel needed to defeat the plots, ploys and devices of the enemy!

The Lord of host is the commander in Chief and He is calling us to step Forward and be ready to walk the walk for which we have signed up for and already purposed and predestined  on the inside of us.  "the Weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God."(2 Cor. 10:4)

What has God called you to do? your ministry's mandate?
What is the purpose of your life? In this season this is what you should be focusing on right now, not what others want you to do but what God has created you to do.  Stick to your purpose!

Be on the Offense!
Don't be on the defense but be on the offensive, you must anticipate what the enemy may try to do, to distract you from your purpose, keep your eyes, ears and Spirit open to the wiles of the devil and send intercession against the enemies attacks, prayer should go ahead of everything you set your hand to do, stop the attack before it starts.  Spread the gospel in the strongholds that God has given you the Authority and Power to tear down before it has been deployed against your communities, ministries, families and Churches.

This is a season of the Miraculous, Greater Works and Victory for the body of Christ, but it will take a fight!  Although the fight is already fixed, we must move in obedience to the Spirit of God that the Promise in Heaven will manifest itself in the natural!  Many are still waiting for you to get in position and to move in unity, oneness even joining with other ministries, churches that you will help those that are bound and afflicted to be free of their pain and sin, and receive the Love and free gift of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ.

Let us open our eyes, to the tactics of the enemy and know that God has not given us the spirit of Fear, but of Power, love and sound mind and stand in attention to the voice of the Lord in purpose and the posture of Victory! Be blessed of the Lord!

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