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My last Prison ministry visit in February was quite touching to say the least! I can still see the face and hear the tears of a 18 year old young man who attended my prison Re-Entry service. As I was teaching the men about Re-Entry, I could hear deep cries coming from this young man seated on the front row facing me. After the service was over, he pulled me to the side and said, ...."Will you pray for me again, I need to keep my mind sane here?" He continued..."I don't have any family and just like you said Mam, some of your own family will turn away from you because they can longer trust you",....he went on to say..... "I'm in that situation, I will be coming home soon, but I have no home to got to." He was so heavy ladden to the point that he laid his head on my shoulder and cried like a baby!

After he finished crying, I looked him in the eyes and said....."Son, what did you do to find yourself here?" He said....." I did not register as a "sex offender". He began to explain what happened about his case as a child molester but I could tell that he was ashamed and was going to start lying to not lose hope with me. But, I stopped him from speaking, took his face in my hands and looked in his eyes and said...."Son, even if you did this offense, and I do discern that you did, FORGIVE YOURSELF and embrace God's love and forgiveness; and when you come home, reach out to me and I will help you seek sound biblical counseling and deliverance so you will not offend again from this secret sin."He responded with a great relief that I was not going to reject him and said ...Yes Momma, please pray for me because I'm so afraid in here with all these kind of people here".

QUESTION: What do you think will happen if this child has no one to help him find shelter and counseling?

Well, as you can see this is just one example of why we need to start various Chapters state-wide. Some people did not respond to this request to join the group to help the ex-offender. Why, maybe because they thought they would be helping my group grow or God did not call them to prison ministry. This is silly! Read Matthew 25:42-46. We need to help each other break the vicious cycle of recidivism from state to state. Too many like the young man I just spoke about are coming out of prison homeless and too many leaders are sitting back at ease and others are reaching out in various nations doing great mission work, but what about inner-city missions in your own city! Ministry begins at home first.

I did not begin this message to go there about missions, but... bless God anyway! Here's my request. If you cannot help, would you please keep pushing this discussion or my email address until you can help me with the homeless populations in the Houston Chapter to find housing when they come home from prison? I am asking for a house to be donated that might need remodeling or a Trailor that can become liviable with a little remodeling. I only want to provide housing for the homeless exoffenders who truly want to give their lives to the Lord and have a second chance with a Goldly life and church. My organization is 501c3 tax exempt and the contribution is tax-deductible Again, I'm simply requesting your help with getting this word out for this Re-Entry House donation.

REQUEST: Donated house or trailer
Dr. Murphy email: electlady2preach@yahoo.com

Trusting God for His will to be done concerning this issue.
I'm counting on your prompt "active" support with getting this word out.
Keeping Him Real,
Dr. Sandy

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What you are doing is great. Many ex offenders will return to prison unless someone intervenes on their behalf. I was apart of a prison ministry in NY. It was a great experience because the inmates truly need to know they are loved. I'm new to the Dallas area, but I know there is a great need to help exoffenders God bless you in the work God is doing.
Dr Sandy, i stand and live by Matt 25:35-40, when we do unto the least we are indeed doing unto our Abba Father.
With deep convictions that the light shines the brightest in the darkest place, I am in awe of how "few" of God's people which carry heavy Anointing on their lives are not drawned to such an environment so Jesus can shine the brightest.Of course i'm not saying there's no power in Prayer (as i am a called intercessor), however, there are times when we need to pull up our sleeves and move into action to help others. I was in the meeting in Feb with you as the Anointing and The Glory of God's presence was so weighy until it was hard to even stand....... so of course i will be in prayer of the issue you've listed, That God will supernaturally open doors for the need, but in addition to that please let me know if there is anything else i can do to assist.
Evangelist Sandra Sheard


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