There is a problem that affects millions of people in church congregations around the country…bad credit. Because of circumstances beyond their control or perhaps poor choices, many people have acquired negative credit profiles that have put them in financial distress.

Eliminating credit problems allows motivated, hard working Christians to achieve financial freedom, tithe more regularly and experience the abundant life we were meant to enjoy.

CONGRESS passed a LAW in 1971, that when leveraged properly, can help raise your credit score, but here's the secret...It's not a secret...people just don't know about it nor how to use it. We know about it, ..we know how to use it....interested?

Dial in Tuesday evening 9pm EST - to (559) 546-1000 Ext 651144# ...just be a fly on the wall and listen or visit

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Then call me I can help...Min. Cedric 216-310-2209

Hosea 4:6a says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Prov. 22:7 says "The rich rules over the poor, the borrower is a slave of the lender"


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