1) Get knowledge

2) Take MASSIVE action

3) Enjoy your new lifestyle

Moreh Yaakov

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Wealth must not be limited,

Wealth is unlimited buddy, but the 3 keys I gave you is THEE way to get wealth. You can ask ANY millionaire, or billionaire.

Moreh Yaakov

To my knowledge, Suze Orman is not a definitive person to rely on for wealth. her books many show you to get out of "credit card debt", and many things like that, but an actual blueprint, step by step guide to wealth, she does not have(at least I have not seen it). Millionaire next door is not a book about how to make a million, rather, its a book that gives the sociology of the average millionaire.

If you want "blueprints" and "step by step" guides to getting wealth, then there are some out there. Take Real Estate Investing for example. I am studying under a brother's teaching, who is a multi-millionaire apartment investor. I am getting set to purchase his home study course, which is a blueprint, and step by step guide to reach apartment building wealth. He uses the exact same system that he sells.

If you want to own a business, then there are books out there that will give you a step by step guide to writing a saleable business plan, so that you can launch your business, and make your millions. Hope that helps.

Moreh Yaakov
One of the first steps one must take is educating themselves.

Two, stand on his word that he promises. The bible is the best teacher. Yet, many of us do live by it.

Three, bless others so that you can be blessed.

Some say the key to financial wealth is home ownership, but the key to wealth is your CREDIT.

If your credit is not together, you will get high interest on EVERY THING.

Imagine you having a home that is 1,000 a month and 900.00 of those dollars goes towards interest. Your hard earn money is going into someone else's pocket.

This is an example of a house, but imagine a car and etc.

We must first wake up. Get up people of god and increase your education. The saddest part about this epidemic is that there are not enough leaders to lead the people.

We continue to fall into the trap generation after generation.


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I hope this information is a blessing to this group.
Hello Saints,

I would like to add about getting wealth. What are the desires God has put in your heart? You can follow that path to get wealth. Seek knowledge in that given area. Are you obtaining wealth for yourself or to give God glory? If you are getting it for God's glory, ask Him what He would have you do.

I am obtaining wealth through several home based businesses in the areas I am excited about. As these businesses are bringing in income and in turn I am blessing others by giving. This builds wealth of people, divine connections and resources.

So what has God given to you? What desire has He put in your heart? You may have to work something that will lead you to the ultimate goal!

God Bless and Much Success


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