One of the first steps one must take is educating themselves.

Two, stand on his word that he promises. The bible is the best teacher. Yet, many of us do live by it.

Three, bless others so that you can be blessed.

Some say the key to financial wealth is home ownership, but the key to wealth is your CREDIT.

If your credit is not together, you will get high interest on EVERY THING.

Imagine you having a home that is 1,000 a month and 900.00 of those dollars goes towards interest. Your hard earn money is going into someone else's pocket.

This is an example of a house, but imagine a car and etc.

We must first wake up. Get up people of god and increase your education. The saddest part about this epidemic is that there are not enough leaders to lead the people.

We continue to fall into the trap generation after generation.

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I hope this information is a blessing to this group.

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