Health and wellness is currently rising to be the #1 crisis along with the financial crisis that is taking place. Now it doesn't matter if you have all the money you can spend in several lifetimes if you don't have good to great health then you CAN NOT enjoy it. There are several medications that only mask the symptoms of your illness or disease there is no healing power in the medications. Most medications also cause other problems that lead to taking more medications. Now we have to take control of our own health. The food that we eat today DO NOT have the nutrients that we need to stay healthy. We MUST supplement to help prevent the onset of disease. I had moderately high blood pressure; 147/100 for 6 years and after adding Tahitian Noni Juice to my daily diet it reduced my blood pressure to 122/52 after 4 weeks now I no longer have to take my blood pressure medication.

My mother who is 81 years old had rheumatoid arthritis so bad that at night she could not sleep because of the pain. She also had extremely high blood pressure. With adding Tahitian Noni Juice and Hiro Mobility Functional Beverage to her daily diet after 2 weeks she was able to sleep soundly and thorough out the night and after 8 weeks her blood pressure came down tremendously.

The swine flu is invading our nation we have to protect ourselves.

SERIOUSLY our flagship product, Tahitian Noni Juice has several beneficial properties including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antitumor, antihelmin, analgesic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancing effects. Also includes data on allergenicity and toxicity, which shows no observed adverse effects. This is an exert of the Physician's Desk Reference for Non Prescription Drugs - your doctor can prescribe Tahitian Noni Juice to relieve many of the symptoms of swine flu AND other of your symptoms. Take this time to protect you, your family and your friends. You can begin for $35 dollars and purchase a bottle for yourself or a case for you and your family. Everyone can drink Tahitian Noni Juice. The elderly, men, women, children, toddlers, infants, pregnant and nursing mothers even pets have experienced tremendous amounts of benefits from Tahitian Noni Juice. You can join get protect your health with Tahitian Noni Juice at

With the business opportunity our finances have increased as well even in these economic times. We simple replaced the items that we normally purchase at other retail outlets with Tahitian Noni Home Products. We now are living healthier and wealthier.

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