Dont put your life on hold...  Maybe you've almost put your life on hold until you find that man or woman to marry. Don't waste a precious day of your life waiting for what you don't have. Live this day - single or married - with all your heart! And don't let your waiting start to turn you hard and cynical and bitter or negative. Those kinds of resp...onses insult the God who said He will meet your needs.  Learn how to fall in love with the Author and Finisher of your faith.  You are special to Him. He longs to have a relationship with you.  And until you deal with yourself and get you together you will only cause pain and havoc in anothers life. 

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Thats God because He's been dealing with me about this. He took me over to the book of John 4, when Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman. He didn't sit there and condemn her for her sins. He was more concerned with filling her void. She was looking for a temporary fix through man, when she could have gotten a permanent fix through God. Just like so many of us, the Samaritan woman had lost sight of her first love and started going to temporary fixes and when one wouldn't work she went on to the next one

 Praise Him! Many look at the world definition of the mathematical  equation- "1/2 + 1/2 = 1 whole. But contrary to popular

belief you must be 1 whole yourself and join to another 1 whole that is fused to make one. If you don't truly know who you are in God

there is no way that you can fully appreciate the equation. You are not to be 1/2, Christ has made you whole. God is molding and making us each and every day through experiences. This to leads to trauma when a breakup occurs. You are not defined by being someone's wife. What defines you is who you are as a spiritual person. Do you walk upright. Do you walk the walk of christ. Do you instill Godly principles in family, friends, etc. Are you a compassionate soul. Do you work with people or along peole. Is there interaction where you display a Godly attitude. Do you show love or just talk about it.Are you a compromiser, are you willing to meet people half way. All these types of things help to define our human nature and spiritual walk. You have to know who you are and what

you want out of life.

God Bless,

Prophetess Teloria Williams


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