Morning Prayer:

God, How we love you today! The earth is filled with Your glory! Holy are You Lord God Almighty! We bless You! We stand in awe of who Your are! We reverence You our Lord, Our God, our Maker!!! You are wonderful! You are Holy! Your are Righteous! Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord God Almighty!!!! All heaven declares Your glory!!! We declare Your glory today in our lives God! Father God we thank You now, You reign over us Lord and we yield ourselves unto You! We present our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto You! God you are the Potter and we are the clay, for we are vessels for use! Have Your way in us today O God! We remove self Lord and we follow You! Open our eyes so we may see, and ears so we may hear the divine instructions You are speaking and showing us! Father build us up where we are torn down! Renovate us O God! For some of our structures are beginning to shake, crumble and fall because of faulty foundation we have built on! Lord You are a firm foundation for we will never lose our footing in You! God we stand on Your word, for we shall be like tree planted by the water, the living water God, and we shall not be moved! Lord we will be grounded and rooted in You! we move beyond a surface relationship with You! O Lord, many of our roots are showing, laying above ground because we've allowed the cares of the world to uproot us! We've allowed false doctrine to infiltrate and pluck us up from Your foundation! We've allowed situations, people O God to cause us to move, shake, and to uproot us God! Lord today, We want to stand solid in You! Lord we want to be deeply rooted in You! Father, whatever is in our lives that is causing us to move away from You, reveal it to us O God! We turn away it from it and we yield our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits unto You! We long to be obedient to You Lord! We hunger and thirst for Your Holiness, Your Righteousness! Fill us O God with Your Spirit! All consuming FIRE FALL UPON US! Lord we want to be YOUR LIGHT in the earth! O how we thirst for You, Jesus! How we hunger for You! We set our foreheads like flint, We fix our gaze upon You Lord! We pursue You! Your manifested presence we shall see! Your Shekinah Cloud of Glory!!! Quench our thirst! Fill our longing for You O God! Lord we can't give up, we refuse to step back, we need YOU GOD! We bow down and worship You for You are our Lord! Glory! Glory! Glory! Father, we thank You for all the things You have already done and we walk in them! Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven...In the name of Jesus, Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!


Evening Prayer:

Father, Thank you for this day and all that it entailed Thank You for keeping us safe Lord. God we bless Your name for every blessing You have given this week! Lord, we are humble and ever so grateful! We are mindful of Your goodness towards us! Thank You Father! Thank You for opening doors no man can open and closing doors no man can shut! Thank You Lord for being a shield around us and encompassing us with Your love! Great and Mighty are You Lord! we give You glory, We honor You! We give You all the praise for it is You and You alone who art God! Lord, I ask You tonight to bless each person on this page! Not only do I ask You to meet their needs but change their conditions! Father touch the conditions of lack, brokenness and things that are missing from their lives! Lord bless their families, heal area's that are broken , let forgiveness flow to those who need it! I pray for increase tonight O God! Enlarge their territory! father those who are looking for a job, Open doors God! Those who are wanting to start businesses, Lord I pray for resources to be given to them! Lord, release financial blessings, wisdom, business plans, knowledge that will aide them in starting what You called them to do! Lord, I pray for those who have lost sight of the vision, who have no hope, those who have given up on their dreams! Lord,rekindle that, stir it up again O God! Father, may they write the vision and make it plain and though it tarries, may they wait for it for God we know that it shall speak! I thank You for provision God to enhance Your Kingdom! Father we thank You for the market place where ministry shall be birth forth in every area! God we pray for your children that we may invade and occupy the land You are giving us! Position and place us in government, political arenas, classrooms, police force, fire fighters, doctors, lawyers,designers, authors, etc...Father we call Your children forth O God! For we shall be placed and positioned strategically O God for Your glory! We shall enhance the Kingdom! We shall go ye into all nations and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ! Every system O Lord, will have Your people there to share Christ and to bring glory to You! Father I decree and declare this prayer verbally into the atmosphere! Shift, Change and Rearrange O God! Father we trust You, We thank You and we give You all the glory, In the name of Jesus, Amen!!!

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