Should my desire for companionship/relationship/marriage cause you not to believe in God or call me a false prophet?

I put this on one of my pages and got the following response. Let's hear your thoughts!
Some People seem to think that just because i am an evangelist, i don't deserve to be in love. They seem to think that i am somehow above needing companionship, and all i can talk about is saving souls. That is not true! I am a woman and i have needs too!


Is that too much to ask for?

Have a Blessed Day!

God bless you!

WJuanL wants to be your friend!
Kingdoms Child, I was taken by your opening statement concerning your openness concerning the personal side of your walk / calling. Many do not understand the way God has made us to be in honest desire to have a special person to share our life and callings with in a private manner. As a called child of God, you can suffer from the human desire to share your human needs with others only to realize that some may not be helped if they see that side of you. In Christ, Juan
So, i should rather be a false prophet,
hiding behind a computer screen, spouting out nice little things to make it seem that i am not desirous of a relationship? That would be hypocritical! If people see that i have that desire also as a child of God, at least they can see that human side of me and know that i have faith in God to provide!

In His Service,
Evangelist Cookie

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God bless you Evangelist Cookie.

One this matter, you are right on point. We may have a calling on our lifes,but that doesn't mean we don't have needs just like everyone else. God hasn't and won't take that part away from us until we make a mandate to God to do so. As the word stated,"he both male and female so that we can have a mated to share our thoughts and love with.

God knows our heart and our needs, and if we stay faithful and true, he will supply those needs and give us that one special person that will fill that part of your life. But just because God knows, so does the Devil. So stay prayerful and alert as these opportunities presents themselves.


Your's in Christ. Nat. Evangelist Riddick DD/DE/DEM

Amen, and gracefully said!


Blessings, Elder Ramona

Blessings to you wog.  I too am an evangelist I was married for 22 years and have been divorced for 16 years.  I hope you can hear my heart.  As an evangelist souls are our business.  We are always under the scrutiny of a soul or souls.  My actions and my conversation can cause someone to never come to Christ, not because of sin but because of a wrong perception.  I have been saved since 1964.  I was never the pretty girl, or the built one.  But I was the one that young ministers of the gospel would ask my pastor if I was married, or if I was old enough to get married.  All the pretty girls in the church wanted to know my secret why was someone always interested in me.  The answer was simple when these men of God came to minister at our church I was the one in prayer, after church I was the one they saw cleaning the sanctuary, I was the one running hard after God.  They were not my focus God was.  My prayer to God was that the law of kindness would be in my tongue, so they heard kindness in my conversation not desperation (not that you are desperate).  And this was attractive to them.  What they saw 42 years ago was a Godly woman who would make a virtuous wife.  

I am now 62 years old and will get married again.  But until then I am running hard after God. I travel constantly in and out of the country enjoying Gods favor and His attention, its a satisfying and fulfilling life because I don't feel like there is something missing in my life, and yes there are those who are interested but they are not the one, I can happily wait.  

The people you have to reach for God do not understand nor can they handle your humanity.  When they see your humanity they can't see your God.  There is a saying that God gave me when I taught courtship, dating and marriage - "you will always be alone until you are happy with Jesus alone. I hope you hear my heart your single days can be the most exciting days of your life and then suddenly he'll be there because you will be there gleaning in the field.  I know this was posted in 2010, and you are probably not still in this place; so this is for you, whoever you are.

Dr. Shirley Hill 


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