Supporters of the BSC Endowment program


Supporters of the BSC Endowment program

The BSC Endowment Program is established by the Black Shopping Channel as a "faith-based initiative" to benefit churches and educational Institutions nationwide. There is no cost to the church to become an approved endowed partner.

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Comment by Milton Wallace on March 4, 2014 at 7:21am

Men and Women of God:

I am writing to talk with you about an opportunity that is unique but serious enough that you need to take a look. There is a website that can change your ministry forever.  You might have lots of money but you do have a Word from God.  Now is the time for the world to receive it.  The vehicle that can get this Word out is a website called PREACHVILLE. (  Preachville is  and will be the premier minister's site in the next 12 months.  If you are a Bishop, Apostle, Pastor, Elder, Rev. or any other man or woman of God, you have a place on this site.  The cost to be on this site is the outstanding price of $10.  Yes, only $10 to have a permanent place on the internet.  Call 855-937-7247 and dial extension 1 or 4 and someone will help you.  You will need to record and edit the 30 minute broadcast before submission. It will also need to be in mp4 format so that it is an easy upload.

If you have assistant pastors or ministers that are young in the ministry, this would be a great opportunity for them to establish a place on the internet.  Remember, call 855-937-7247 for more information.

Comment by Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah on March 15, 2010 at 6:01am

1. Some body called me this morning on my mobile phone,telling me that my prophesies has come to reality, it was last year I gave a prophetic vision or word to this person ,who called today,I saw in the realm of the supernatural/spirit that this fellow or person was sooner or latter going to get mad or insane, today after so long,say, 3months,they,i.e the family member called me to report that I should come to them,that the so called person as eventually got mad or insane.It may be good to obey the voice of the servant of the Lord,see the case of this lady,she thought it was a joke, but see them today,calling on me,so don’t refuse to obey real Men of God anywhere in this world or age.

2. I was sent by God yesterday to a home in Bagwe,Accra,Ghana,what the Lord told me concerning that family was true,the Lord used me to end all the problems in that home or family.Glory be to God Almighty.

3.There was another home who could not sleep,they had a visitor lady,who cry aloud every night ,and all could not sleep,they called on me and I went and prayed for all of them,so the problem stoped,this Lady do see snakes in her School,and every body will be running,I prayed ,and all this stoped.Glory be to God Almighty.

3.I saw a Minister’s Child,daughter,who could not walk,they supposed to make a party for the daughter,but the party was postponed because their daughter could not walk,I went there and prophesied and today the daughter can walk now,also the case of a policeman’s daughter,who could not also walk,I went and prayed and prophesied,today they can all walk,glory and honour be to our Almighty God.During my wedding,28th of February,2010, they came and I took pictures with the Children.Thanks to Almighty God,our creator.

4.There was a policeman,whose wife always had baby,but at a sport,the baby will die,I went and prayed and prophesied that this time,the baby will not die,and the baby should be named Ebenizar,it came to pass,the baby is alive till date,glory and honour be to our Almighty God.

5.There was a policeman’s wife,the Man said the wife should pack and leave the house,she will not live with him any more,the Mother inlawof that woman,i.e the policeman’s mother,did not agree with the marriage,unless she is dead.The woman came to me presenting some gifts to me and told me all her problems.I prayed and gave her prophetic direction,through the direction of deliverance,the mother inlaw appear to her in the real of the spirit and saw her handling her bag to her and saying I handle my son Policeman to you from today,and immediately she returned home,she had many calls on her phone,and latter the policeman mother called ,i.e her mother inlaw,saying she want to see her,and she was surprise,she came to me and asked me if she should go there,I gave her direction to go there,she went and the mother inlaw gave her some things and the following day she called and thank her for her visit,today the relationship is restored.Glory and honour be to God.And I want to use this opportunity to advice or talk to someone who is going through/reading this testimonies,the reason why your problems seems to be the same, is because prayers and prophetic directions,co, are limited,you need to go beyond,Peter said we have tour all night long and we caught nothing,Jesus said let down your net for a catch,and Peter said, never the less at your word I will let down my net,so also you also have to move into another direction that can cause a change or balance your conditions.Contact Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah who God is using to bless or turn the lives of thrillions of people around from pit to glory.

Praying for it now and adding fasting to it too.

Apostle & Pastor Bernice Asamoah


Box 55 James Town Accra, Ghana West Africa.

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