There are so many organizations that are available and so many fellowship groups, what is the reason for there to be another? Let's discuss
that very thing.


During my time pastoring a church in New Orleans, Louisiana (early 1970's), I was faced with a dilemma. I was a pastor, in a
certain denomination, in my state and we were growing rapidly. I
began to receive calls from churches, in other states, who heard of
what the Lord was doing and wanted to know if we could help. We
prayed and the Lord did not give the answer I wanted, so we went to


These were extremely difficult times for me. The attacks were so great that I said, “I would never do this kind of thing again”.
Needless to say, nothing really worked after that. I was out of the
will of the Lord but kept trying to convince myself that I was
correct. When I prayed, I would get an answer according to what “I”
wanted (Ezekiel 14:1-5).
I was hard headed.


The Lord gave me opportunity after opportunity over the years. Then in the 1980's, He showed me what I did not want to see. I saw ministers
and ministries destroyed and new Christians end up “shipwrecked”
by the viciousness that was taking place.


In my personal life, I went to seek the counsel of another minister and he used what I asked him to pray with me about as an instrument to
try to destroy me. Then, I began to understand. Ministers did not
have any true Bible protection. The Bible makes provision, but the
“so called church world” was being used as a way to attempt
destroy the Body of Christ.


In the 1990's and the first decade of 2000, it was the time to disqualify people due to their educational background, the size of
their bank account and the size of their congregation. I saw people
discouraged because they were told they had no anointing. One memo
was sent from a leader of a ministry network that said, “...the
choir director of a large church has more anointing than the pastor
of a small church”. This was horrible, coming from the daughter of
a pastor who had pioneered many small ministries.


Finally, the Lord had gotten through this thick skull. Something had to be done. But still, I wanted someone else to do it. For years, I had
pioneered churches, trained ministers, taught in Bible College, on
the board of accrediting agencies, doing the work of the Apostle.
But, this job, I did not want. To form an Apostolic organization, to
build a fellowship of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors,
Ministers and Churches, ordain ministers, begin a School of Ministry,
revive the School of the Prophets, help to pioneer more churches and
strengthen ministries...more work than I wanted. But, my answer
could be only one, “ am I, send me” (Isaiah


Tell Them Outreach Fellowship and Network lives to help those who have been rejected, ridiculed, left alone, and outcast. We desire to see
pastors and ministers have access to the things that they thought
were only available to the larger and affluent churches. We exists
to see you grow and develop so that you may help to grow and develop


I personally desire to stand with you so that when problems come your way, you have have someone to speak to, who will pray with you, see
you restored (if need be), and it never goes beyond our
private conversation. That is why...Tell Them Outreach Fellowship
and Network


You may contact us at (214) 923-9782 or, for more information.

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Many servants of God all over the world and especially here in Africa need someone who can do this you are saying/doing to help them realize their visions after being disappointed by those who have gone a head of us. Who after being blessed or getting some donors don't mind what happens to their pastors but keep all to themselves to enjoy and will not support someone else in their ministry. Some pastors have been misused then damped out of their parent ministries in which they used to serve or are seen as unprofitable and a burden. Some of these pastors are very serious servants of God but only lack someone to hold their hands and tell them I'm here for you.
I wish you would be committed to extending your ministry over here then many who are discouraged and giving up would be encouraged, healed and continue in ministry


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