Do you have at least 3 members in your congregation that knows 3 people? The power of 3, on the third day, Jesus rose from the grave, there was 3 men on the cross, the disciples walked with Him for three years.

Success Systems for Life© is proven, self-selling life enhancement course. We want you to fulfill lifelong financial dreams, get out of debt, invest in your family, travel the world, and give you freedom that last the rest of your life. Success Systems for Life© gives you the proven steps to overcoming those habits and attitudes that may have held you back...until now!

No matter what you do, no matter what age you are, or what you feel about your current level of success, this personal training system can help you obtain the future of your dreams.

tba two™ is the only 100% pay-out program in the industry! The program is the simplest program that has ever been. It is an unlimited width 5-level deep payout program from each $5 monthly book order for marketing on your free websites. We pay $1.00 on all 5 levels.

A 2 by 5 team example:

Level 1 2 team members
Level 2 4 team members
Level 3 8 team members
Level 4 16 team members
Level 5 32 team members

Now you have earned $64. You can personally sponsor as many team members as you choose.

A 3 by 5 team produces $363 per month
A 4 by 5 team produces $1,364 per month
A 5 by 5 team produces $3,905 per month

Every team member will not sponsor the same number; some will sponsor more, some less. In our 7 years experience, we have some team members who have sponsored only a few, while others have sponsored 50 or more. We have one member who has personally sponsored over 400!
The above are examples only. No promise or guarantee is made as to the amount of commissions you will earn monthly.
Now you have the greatest program in network marketing history!
ph. 218-339-2599 pin 305844#

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