I am new to this and would like to know what you believe to be truth in the hour of 2008.

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Truth is the word of God !!! The word is the only thing that we can stand on. Man is like the grass, and the Glory of man is like the flower. The grass withereth, and the flower fades but the WORD of God lasts FOREVER. { ISAIAH 40; 6-7} The truth is there is only one way !!! {JOHN 14;6} JESUS. There is no other name on earth given among men whereby we must be saved.{aCTS 4;12} Who is JESUS ??? HE is the WORD !!! JOHN 1;1 Who is JESUS ??? He is God tabernacled with us in Flesh !!!! Isaiah 9;6 ..... He is the passover lamb that was slain for our sin, He is the Great High Preist. HE IS THE ONLY WAY... HE IS TRUTH


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