I believe now is the time for "US" as ministers to begain to speak greatness into the lives of those with a call that is parellel to ours. For too long we have taken scripture to individualize it just for ourselves or our piticular ministries. "I' am the head and not the tail. "I" am above and not beneath....ect. When actually the "I" should be replaced with "WE" !!!! I have seen bestfriends become competitors in the gospel, and lifelong relationships destroyed through that spirit of competition. This ought not to be so named among those chosen to walk in the kingdom mindset. The truth is..... WE ARE ONE !!! That was Jesus' prayer in John 17;21. So to all those who may read these words, understand that we labor together for the same purpose. We are (not) COMPETITORS but CO-LABOURERS together in the kingdom. MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU THAT THE FULLNESS OF THE CALL OF GOD ON YOUR LIFE WOULD BE MADE MANIFEST !!! BE CAREFUL HOW YOU SOW BECAUSE SEEDS GROW ! What do you think about it !! Pastor M.J. Johnson

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I am a true woman of god and I strive daily to grow, however I am constantly in battle as all christians are in the walk, I have faith but I need warfare prayer against some very un-natural events happening in my life right now.. I need real prayer warriors, will you say the good word over my request ASAP!!

Thank you,

Sister Vern Powell
You are so right Pastor Johnson. We are of many members of one body. There is so much competition going on now a days. We all got a part in the life of ours to complete the picture, that God has prepared for us.


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