I have been enlightened by speaking with Arnold Culbreath who is the Urban Outreach Director of Protecting Black Life in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is an organization that promotes pro-life.  He shared with me, in an interview done for ChurchOhio.com,  how and the reason why Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood and how abortions are affecting the Black population in the United States.  I was so blown away that it has motivated me and my husband to help bring awareness to this.  It is amazing how someone can feel like they have the authority to kill in the name of 'population control'. 

The thing that bothered me the most is that Margaret Sanger, her associates and employees of Planned Parenthood have been successful at targeting Blacks in the United States and killing babies at an alarming rate.  This is being done right under our noses!  Now, my first reaction was, "how wrong of them to do this to us!" But then, I thought, "we are responsible for our own behavior."  Just because these traps are in place does not mean that we cannot teach one another about what has been set up for us.  We have to take responsibility and bring our families back together!  We have to teach our children right from wrong and make sure they fully understand that there are consequences for every action.  We have to get our communities back on track.  There is practically a church on every corner in the Black community, this brings opportunity for us to pull together our resources to make a change and bring an end to this genocide and the other problems that are plaguing our race! 

I have included the interview with this blog, please listen to it and share your story or comments with me.  Also, Arnold Culbreath will be on Kingdom Building on ChurchOhio.com on Sunday 15 Feb 09 at 4pm EST and will be sharing with our listeners the role that our Black preachers and the church played in all of this.  More information will be available on ChurchOhio.com about this show...make sure you tune in!  He will be dropping some bombs!

Click here to listen to the interview between me and Arnold Culbrea...

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