Does anyone know any good youth revivalist for a Revival (June 27th, 7pm) in Columbus, OH

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Greetings Bro. Bryan;

I'm not a self promoter, but if you're looking for someone, I would love to come back to Columbus in June. I'll be there in April for a Regional Conference. I welcome you to visit my official site and you make your decision rather God would have you to bring me in. I'm not into pimping the church, if I could get a room and a love offering, I'm cool. I personally believe that God will supply all my need. I am really into youth, I run a couple of after school programs working with students to become peer leaders. Well my official site is and of course you can check out my BPN page too, I have sermons, video's, pics and 2 min. inspirationals available for your hearing and viewing. Be blessed.

Antoine Roston
Rapha Temple Church
Kansas City, MO
Brother Bryan my name is Elder Eric D. Jordan and I am from the Washington D.C. area but I am formerly from Ohio and I could recommend a preacher I know by the name of Pastor George Parks, Jr. he is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He is one of the most dynamic young preachers I have ever heard. He has the total package he can open the message give you good substance out of the message and close it like it is going to be his last time preaching. He has just recently been promoted as Pastor of the Riverside Baptist Church in Memphis, TN so I don't know what his schedule would be like at that time but I will leave my email address if you would like to contact him you can contact me. Take care and my God continue to Bless and keep you. Elder Eric Darnell Jordan, Cathedral of Christ Baptist Church in Chapel Oaks, Maryland.
God Bless You man of God! I normally don't put myself out there but if you are looking for a Young Adult Preacher for a Youth Service I would be honored to come and serve the people of God. Doing Youth Services and Conferences is My passion! It's what I've been called to do and it what I love to do. I'm from Dayton, Ohio (about 1hour away). If you are interested, you can look up my page, it has my bio on it. There you'll find all my information. Feel free to contact me via e-mail at Also, I have a team of youth ministers that I am networked and in covenant with (about 30) that I can refer you to also. So pray about it, see what Daddy God says and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon! God bless you abundantly!
Rev. Prt. Christopher Montgomery
We can suggest some if you are in the Columbia area

If you are still looking for a youth preacher for a revival, let the Lord leads you to the right person to speak at youth revival. I am deaf. I was a Youth Pastor at my church for 10 yrs but the Lord is dealing with me to go back and get my position as youth pastor back again because there is a need in youth life right now. They need role model. I am not here to ask you to get me to come. I am here to encourage you to let God speaks to your heart. My wife is an voice interpreter. You can contact me @ 1 866 381 9404. Call me anytime. May God bless be upon you.

Evang. Artis C. Newton, Jr.
Deaf Minister
Blessing and peace, I know of a young woman 17 years of age that God uses greatly. Email me

Prophet Brian Carn... He is a Great Man of God... Go check him out on Youtube!


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