WE looking for pastors to join our fellowship of churches/ministries.


Vision Statement:

We are reaching out to pastors to join us, who want to be part of an reformation that fellowship on a local and national level. We provide the opportunity, to pastors who do not want to be conformed by denominational law, to reach, fellowship, and help people that lie within their own age range. Not only will we reach the unsaved, but we are also creating a movement to edify the saved as outlined in the scriptures: "And he gave some APOSTLES; and some, PROPHETS; and some, EVANGELIST; and some, PASTORS and TEACHERS; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." In addition, it will help us in dealing with how we as a body reach outside of the walls of our church in order to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ; to "go ye into all the world". We should endeavor to think globally, but act locally so that we can minister to everyone.


Mission Statement:

We are a 5-fold ministry gifts organization of churches that are reaching the unsaved around the world at any cost, in an effort to birth out apostolic disciples for the Lord.


Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of UHCCF is to pull together the Assemblies from around the world so that we may come together as one to help Heal, Deliver and Set Free the unsaved from around the world by any means necessary. Because united we stand, divided we fall and we come together as a united force.


Covenant Covering:

Every leader must operate under the covering of another. By doing this, one can effectively operate under the authority of their leadership & have the assurance that they are in communion, and that they are receiving guidance.



This is vital and most important in ones spiritual growth, power, and effectiveness in the Christian life. This is evident in the scriptures according to Acts 2:44-47 it allows us to be on one accord, exhort one another and to celebrate together our Lord Jesus Christ.



Through wisdom & knowledge, we create a culture where people can support the development of one another in the areas of leadership development, counseling enrichment & diversity, and membership retention.



We offer extensive training & support to meet the needs of you & your church. We are committed to imparting knowledge and techniques in order for you to function properly in your office and gifts.

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May the peace of the Lord be with you.  Kindly send me more information on the Church.  I wish to indicate my interest to be a part of the fellowship.  Be blessed.  Bishop Ibiso Igani


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