What is Unrestrained Worship?

So...I posted a bulletin asking the question WHAT IS UNRESTRAINED WORSHIP? I got an email back and a comment. Here is some of our conversations. (Some revised for the purpose of posting it as a Blog) Feel free to send me your thoughts, And feed back from the what you are about to read!

A convo between My brother and I, and some pointers from my spiritual mother in dance ministry.

All out of love!

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Date: Nov 22, 2008 7:00 PM

What is Unrestrained Worship to you? What does it mean to be unrestrained?

Send me your opinions...



unrestrained worship doesn't have boundries. Really...there is no such thing unrestrained worship. Why You Ask? In order for something to be unrestrained, there is an implication that sometimes that very thing is restrained. My point is that if worship is restrained, then it is not worship. Therefore it can be categorized as UNrestrained. It just is...- Only those who operate in a fearful and religious mindsets "quench the fire of the spirit" and so-called hold back worship. Worship is unrestrained when you can flow in the holy spirit and not care who's around you, you can get one on one with the father, you can tap into realms of mystery and wonders, or just plain ol live a life that edifies the father! That's worship. Sis...you sure do have a way of gettin me crunk lol...



(revised just a little for the purpose of blog posting)

You are so right on!!!!
Man! I was asking just to see the difference of opinions and facts.
I went to minister at a conference last night and the title and theme of the conference was Unrestrained Worship. In so many ways it was restrained. They had times for each gospel "artist" to go up and minister..well perform. Like you just don't go into worship without tapping in! They sing a worship song (Typically a slow one) and then come right out of it. When u are worshipping you just can't come right out of it because the song is over!!! And then go into a upbeat song? Oh no. So I guess in a way I needed to vent. I was just like is this a concert? Maybe 5 minutes out of the whole 4 1/2 hours was I, Me, Jasmine was unrestrained. Unrestrained worship is when I am travailling in the spirit for hours. Like no one is worried about what time it is. You know how we, (well not us in particular) go to the club and hang out all night and then you don't act surprised when the sun come up for the next morning? And then brag about how long you were able to hang. That's unrestrained worship....Just not to our Father. To the father of the worldly and unholy! I mean I am sick of church as usual. We come in, take a seat, sing two songs, take a offering, sing some more, the pastor come out and preach, as he closes sing another song and leave. WHAT?! Aji I may be wrong....but I would like to see where they had a program to worship the father in the bible. I mean I am no bible scholar, but I am sure by now I would have run into it. Jesus was not on a schedule when healing them folk. (Country side coming out)
That lady didn't wait to sunday at 11:15am, after they choir sang, to touch the helm (Shunda-a-boe-say) of is garment. When he told the man to pick up his bed and walk...it was night at friday night revival in Locust Grove, GA!
I mean I can be in church and as soon as I am tapping into that place.....they try to stop and stay on that time schedule." We got to move on." they say. TO DO WHAT? Because people got stuff to do, and they have to leave. WHERE YOU GOING? IN A RUSH TO GO ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE!! No I don't personally need the choir or the praise team to be able to tap in and worship... truth be told....but then I start feeling restrained. It's something about a corporate worship that holds so much power. When two touch and agree.....YOU KNOW THE SCRIPTURE! One can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand! How many now calculate how many members you got at church! Times 10,000. (Is my math right?). How much power is that? Hmm! So when I got to come and sit down cause somebody that look important got to speak, I am pissed in during service. So now I worship unrestrained at home. But during service I will not go there and tap in anymore, I just won't bother because in like 5 minutes I got to fix the make-up and the hair to sit and act proper in church. Do you feel my fire!!!!??????? WHOA!
Not that I need the drums and the piano or whatever, but to tune in with the voices of the corporate man crying out to the father, It creates such power!! It creates power to move stuff, and to shift stuff in the atmosphere! Don't make me preach up in here! it was not one person and the wall of jericho. It said when the people lifted up a shout... oooo.... THE PEOPLE! That's more than one! Are we scared? What the world?
We got too comfortable with church as usual. I don't care how big the church is. I attend the largest church on this region, but and? So what! We got some punks in the body of Christ man! Why is there still violence taking place in the homes of the members?
Simple. Because if we were to really go unrestrained with our worship, that will shut up the face of enemy! We got the power to tell him he got 3 seconds to get his stuff and get the ALL THE HELL OUT!!!! (rolling the neck, the eyes, with the hand on the hip and that one little powerful pointer finger!!!) BOY!!!!!!!!

So to me all we do is go in for a club meeting.

it's a wrap.


Ajani's Response:

Jasmine, you're right. We have a "cute church" disease that's spreading from body to body; church to church. But these Sadducee and Pharisee Religionists better step back, cause God's bout to send down fire - voluntarily or involuntarily. Its not about entertainment (and to all those new day saints) it has never been about entertainment, we just slipped into it somehow. Now I need you to show me where Jesus said to his disciples, "Go Ye Therefore Into All Nation Entertaining them in Name of The Father, And Of The Son, And of The Holy Spirit". Now Let me work this word for a quick minute (if u promise to say amen it wont take me dat long). HE SAID BAPTIZE THEM!!!!!!!! Not entertain. Now, in a worship sense....Jesus said that John baptized with water. Then he said that he (jesus) came to baptize WITH FIRE AND HIS SPIRIT. The baptism cant happen if we going by the religious ritual of scheduling. Yea he said do it decently and in order, but He didnt say to hold him back and place him in our little box. God put US in time. We didnt put HIM in time

I call off the head of that Corrupt Pharisee & Sadducee Spirit in the name of Jesus and cast into the ABYSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the mouth of a Prophet!



(* BY NO MEANS AM I BASHING THE CHURCH I WAS AT LAST NIGHT. For what it was I absolutely loved it! Especially the sweet dancers and leaders over the dance ministry. But it is what it is. This was not a problem the church was having...this is a problem in the body!)

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