She's the epitome of a "Woman". She has a drive thats driven by her motivation to be all she can be, which surpasses most and many...She's so head strong and focus on her career,eduction and child/ren that she manages them all without a blemish....Financially she's set, her credit score is top notch, her car is what she wanted and bought, her house is her home, God is whom she's serves.... She amother and She teaches her child/ren to never give up.... Her words and thoughts flows with intellectual accuracy.... She's well-crafted, Gifted, Sexy, Cultivated with the seeds of success..BUT!!!!!!! She struggles constantly with choosing the RIGHT MAN, A MAN thats fits her and who can ENHANCE her goals, Love and Life...A man who loves her and who can appreciate her and all she's done and do, still. YET, She continues to choose a man who needs work, don't work, jealous of her and what's she accomplished... She continues to LOVE A fixer a upper.. A man who uses her, damaged her credit, lowered her positive attitude to a negative one....She doesn't understand how she has done so well in all other areas of her life, but can't get her "LOVE life" in order... She loves him, while he uses her, drives her car, lives in her home which he has turned to "HIS" house..... He's a part time father and uses their own kids to make her stay home while he runs the streets in "HER CAR".... She cries, prays, ululates " I'M TIRED"....YET her anger, exasperations towards him is short lived, as she lets takes him back. Due to you don't want to be alone. And his great sex and his " i'm sorry and you know i love you" CRIES!!!!.... SISTERS WAKE UP.. GOD DIDN'T CHOOSE that man for you..YOU CHOSE HIM.. Stop looking for a bad man and look for a worthy man....You're crying and complaining about "THAT MAN", WHOM you let and allowed to do all those things thats occurring....Put his BUTT OUT and ask GOD to give you the strength to move on... And he (GOD) WILL, because you asked...MY SISTERS, "The same drive and motivation you had and used to accomplished all you did, APPLY it to your love life as well".....Be Encouraged..

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