The World Health Organization estimates over 2 billion people around the world are either overweight or obese. Thats 1/3 of the people over the age of 15. Over 400,000 lives were lost last year to Obesity. That is 1096 people a day! That is 46 people an hour. WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Go to my website, Learn about the products that Dr. Ann de Wees Allen has created with her Skinny Science Technology after 25 years of research and over 250,000 clinical trials and not 3rd party opinions( Learn about Boresha International who is the sole distributor of her products that help burn fat without dieting, changing the foods you eat, without medical procedures. The solution is as easy as drinking a cup of BSkinny Coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you prefer green tea, try the Nuvo Gene Tea. It is a tropical fruit flavor green tea beverage that mixes with a bottle of plain water and not only burns fat, but it attacks the Obesity gene as well. We have over 15,000 people on this network. If each one of us can share this with just 1 person a day, we could reduce the deaths from Obesity significantly. IF NOT YOU, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN? IF NOT HERE, WHERE?

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