John Chapter 8 says that; they brought a woman to Jesus saying we caught this woman in the very act of adultery....Well!!!....The Key Word is "ACT"....Hmm.......My sanctified imagination just has one question...I wish I can say it like I feel it, but I'm gonna be good...WHO WAS SHE WITH? This Book is not to male bash in any way, but to set women free of every spirit of bondage that keeps them from walking into their God ordained Destiny. When Women slip in the area of fornication or adultery, they are immediately labeled as whores or jezebels, but when it happens to a man, he is still labeled as a man. The same thing goes on in the Church today; a couple who is dating belongs to the Church, she's in the choir, he plays the drums. They fornicate, she gets pregnant, and you sit her down from the choir, but still allow the negro to play the drums... It took 2 to commit the act, therefore it ought to take 2 to be accountable for the act! This Apostle of God comes as a Spiritual mid-wife to release a prophetic word of deliverance into the lives of Women Globally; that you may walk into your Destiny.......No longer will you be bound by your past; SO GIRL IT'S TIME TO GET UP, REPENT, HEAL AND WALK INTO YOUR DESTINY

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