Jamaica-British Diamond and Golden Jubilee, Spanish Town compliance unit research paper: Magdala manuscript. Contact

[Fol. 94a] IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY GHOST, ONE GOD. Christ, my God, help me! And, O our Lady the Virgin MARY, do thou entreat Him to help me in His mercy. A HOMILY WHICH THE HOLY AND BLESSED JOHN THE SON OF ZEBEDEE COMPOSED ON THE MAJESTY AND GLORY OF THE HOLY VIRGIN. MAY HER PRAYER AND BLESSING BE WITH HER SERVANTs for the Jamaican-British Diamond and Golden Jubilee see Leviticus 25 for the Law of the Golden Jubilee and Revelation 20 v 12-15 for the Diamond Jubilee. A Magdala manuscript.

SAITH John the son of Zebedee whom our Lord loved greatly for his purity, and our Lady MARY loved him exceedingly even as He loved her Son :- She answered and said unto John, Hearken and I will tell thee an astounding and hidden mystery, which cannot be known by the heart (or mind) and cannot be comprehended by the understanding, which my Lord and my Son, Jesus Christ my beloved one and my Redeemer, revealed unto me at Golgotha, at the time of the sixth hour, which is noon, on the day of the Eve of the Sabbath (i.e. Saturday). A shining cloud came and bore me along and took me up into the third heaven, and it set me down at the boundary of the earth, and my Son appeared unto me. And He said unto me, " Peace be unto thee, O MARY, My mother, thou dwelling-place of God. Peace be unto thee, O virgin, who gavest birth to Me. From thy womb hath gone forth the river of peace. I will reveal unto thee an astounding wonder."
And I made answer to Him and said unto Him, "My Lord and my God ! O my Son and my King, let it be as Thou wishest." And He answered and said unto me, " Look down on the earth below." And I looked and saw, and the whole world was like a thing of nothing, and the children of men were as naught, even as David the Prophet sad, " A man is a thing of naught, his days are like unto the shadow that passeth away " (Psalm cxliv, 4), and again he saith, " The days of man are like unto grass. He flourisheth like a flower of the field. A breath goeth forth from him, and he existeth no longer, and his place can no more be known " (Psalm ciii, I5, I6). And I asked my beloved Son and said unto Him, " Doth not man boast himself in vain, seeing that he perisheth in this fashion ? " And He answered and said unto me, " Hast thou not heard what David the Prophet saith, ' Why doth the mighty man boast himself in his iniquity, and work iniquity all the day long ? ' (Psalms xxxviii, I2 ; xciv.
4). And again he saith, 'They perish and are scattered like the smoke' (Psalm xxxvii, 20). Even so is the life of the children of men " [Fol. 94b].
And I answered and said unto Him, " I desire to see what happeneth to the souls of the righteous when they depart from their bodies"; and He said unto me," Be patient for a space and I will show thee."
And then I saw fourteen shining angels with the wood of the Cross in their hands, and on their breasts was the sign of the Cross of the Son of God, and in their hands were golden censers. And they came down to meet the soul of a righteous man, and angels of light came and angels of darkness ; when they did not find that which was their portion they left that soul. And they went out and surrounded it, and the angels crowned it with light, and they shook that soul thrice that they might carry it away from its body. And they said unto it, " Come, come forth, thou soul, in peace. Rejoice thou, O pure and bright soul, and be glad." And they made it to rejoice with fans (?), and they admonished that soul and said unto it, " Rejoice thou, O pure and bright soul, and be glad, for behold, we all rejoice in thee, and thy Creator rejoiceth in thee. Get thee on, let us go into our city. Hast thou not heard what David saith, ' I rejoiced, for they said unto me, Let

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