Blessed is the man for whome the Book of Life is opened

Ras Tafari greetings and best wishes to our American family
As the elected Chaplain of the EWF Inc London Local we welcome all contributions to our spiritual and cultural service for the living and the dead.

One of our members had what is called a "Sudden Adult Death" we have opened the Book of Life and have instituted the protocol of Death as it is written.

As the responsible Officer it is my duty to advise you and the general public concerning the protocols of Death in our OAU (AU) Golden Jubilee year 2013, and more importantly for the ongoing Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

I the responsible Officer raise the dead small and great to stand before the Constitution of Emperor Haile Selassie I, and the Books are opened. The protocols of Death will be employed after the OAU (AU) Golden Jubilee 2013, into the centenary of the first world war in 2014 and the Jubilee of the second world war 2014.

Let Emperor Haile Selassie I, arise.

Seymour Mclean
Office of the Chaplain: Compliance Officer

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