The POWER of LOVE HEALS not only HEARTS & MINDS but also our BODIES & should be an everyday experience. LOVE moves the flesh, it pushes matter around, it seals as it HEALS.... The term TLC "tender loving care" has universally been recognized as a valuable element in HEALING. By NURTURING your mind, body AND spirit, your TIME will EXPAND, you will gain NEW PERSPECTIVE that will allow you to accomplish SO MUCH MORE & you will finally be able to feel what it’s like to work on ALL CYLINDERS. Don’t feed your mind & spirit and NEGLECT to take care of your BODY, your TEMPLE! So LOVE ON YOURSELF TODAY… give yourself some TLC!!! ♥

It's time to come into right alignment for the assignment set before us. Got to get in shape... Not be weak-minded, spiritually bankrupt or physically handicapped by our circumstances or what we perceive as reality. We know there's a war raging in the spirit realm, the enemy is jockeying for his position... We must bring our "A" GAME!!!

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Comment by Sister Sonya on February 14, 2012 at 11:25am

It's truly amazing that after all these years apart, my first true love would also be my last...

You know you have found true love when you stare at the other person and automatically start smiling at each-other and instantly say I love you.

Comment by Sister Sonya on February 14, 2012 at 11:24am
Words of Wisdom on True Love: Rarely do we get a second chance at that once in a lifetime love, but God works in mysterious way's, so when it happens, rest assured, it happened for a reason.

Find arms that will HOLD you at your weakest, eyes that will SEE you at your ugliest, and a heart that will love you at your worst. when you do, you have found TRUE LOVE....♥

Finding that one person you can grow old with, trust without limits, love without boundaries is the most important thing in the world time and distance don't matter.♥

You must understand the meaning of love to find true love. True love sometimes requires one to be selfless rather than selfish. Thoughtful rather than thoughtless..♥

True love should not be based on how beautiful the person is on the outside, but on how beautiful the person is on the inside.♥

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