Ras Blessed The Virgin Covenant of Death




A Prayer for salvation from Mashafa Heywat; The Book of Life; which is called “Lefafa Sedek”, and which the Father wrote with His own hands before CHRIST was brought forth by the Holy Woman the Virgin Mary.

It shall make a man to enter the narrow gate, and make Him to arrive at the Kingdom of Heaven, and guide Him to righteousness and truth.

And this Book is what CHRIST spoke unto Mary, His Mother, after He had been brought forth by Her. Revelation 20 v 12-15.

The First Section.

On the sixteenth day of the month Yakatit, (February 5 – March) CHRIST appeared to Mary in the place where the righteous have their habitation in the Garden, Paradise, and in the place where sinners dwell in torment in Hell.

And when She saw it She was stupefied and trembled, and She feared with a great fear. And Our Lady Mary spoke to Him.

And Jesus said to Mary, “Fear not, O Mary my Mother, who did carry me in thy womb, and did bring me forth by the Holy Spirit”.

And She said to Him, “Wherefore did I carry thee”?

Tell me, my Son, how my kinfolk are to be saved from this devouring Fire?

I am afraid for my own soul, And for the IYAKIM (Joachim), my Father, and for Hanna, my Mother, and for Samuel and Yosif (Joseph), my brethren, and for Elisabeth, my sister, and for Dawit (David) the ancestor of my family.

“And now, tell me, O my Son, clearly and certainly, by what means these are to be saved from this devouring fire”?

And Jesus said to Mary, “I cannot declare this to you, for the matter which is discussed by two people will go forth to a third person, and after him it will be sown broadcast among all men”.

And they will commit sin, saying, “there are means whereby we may be saved”. And again Mary asked him, and said to Him, “Wherefore or to what end did I carry Thee in my womb for nine months and five days?

And Our Lady Mary wept better tears, and Christ wept with Her.

And Jesus said unto Her, Weep thou not, O Mary my Mother, behold I will speak to my Father. And after He hath given me permission to do so I will tell thee”.

And Jesus went to His Father, and He said unto Him, “Behold, Mary my Mother is weeping. Give me the Mashafa Haywat the Book of Life, which Thou didst write with Thy Holy hand before I myself was brought forth by Mary, the Virgin, who now sitteth upon Her Chariot of the Kirubel (Cherubim), Thy Throne”.

And His Father said unto His Son, Behold, I have given it unto Thee.

Go Thou and say unto Mary, Thy Mother, that I have hidden, or will hide from Her nothing whatsoever; and so far as Thou art concerned it is fitting that I should reveal unto Thee everything”.

And Jesus wrote with a pen of Gold. And a light cloud came and hovered over them, and they God and Christ made seven pavilions or veils of fire round about them, and none knew and none heard, neither the angels nor the Archangels, until they had told Mary the whole of the following words.

And Christ said unto her, “Take this Book which I have given thee. And thou shalt not reveal it to the man who is not able to bear it, or to keep guard over this Book, but only to the wise who believe on Me, and who walk in My commandments”.

“And whosoever hath gotten possession of this Book shall neither descend into the place of torment nor into Sheol”.

“And moreover, whosoever shall carry it, and whosoever shall attach or hang it to His neck or body, his sins shall be remitted to him”.

“And if he repeateth it with his voice at the time of the Offering at the Eucharist, his sins shall be remitted to him, and he shall be cleansed from the pollution of sin”.

“And if they the priest shall make at the bier or Tomb the sign of he seal of Solomon thrice with this Book, after he is buried, the angels shall conduct him through the gates of Life”.

“And they shall ma

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