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leesburg (Washington DC)
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Love Church Of Christ Written In Heaven
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Nyc Tech, AIU Online
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I am an evangelist. I am married to the man of my prayers . Mother of 4. Love the word of God. Enjoy sharing the Word of God with everybody and anybody that cares to listen....
Favorite Preachers:
TD Jakes, Noel Jones,Joel Osteen,Creflo Dollar,Benny Hinn



Scripture Text: Luke 5:12-13

Ref. Acts Chap 3: Lame man from his mother's womb at the gate of the temple Beautiful, was healed after seeking alms of Peter & John. Vs. 6 -Peter said, "silver and gold have I none, but such a have give I thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.

• He stood up and was immediately strengthened.
• He leaped up and walked into the temple with Peter and John
• The people saw him and knew who he was: They were amazed

St. John 11 chap.: Jesus raises Lazarus from dead.
• In tomb for 4 days
• Jesus calls for Lazarus from the grave
• Wrapped in funeral clothes,
• Lazarus cam out of the tomb wrapped and bound hand and foot.
• He was freed of his funeral attire

John chap. 4: Man with an infirmity of 38 year laid by the pool. Jesus heals him. & he is made whole.

Luke 5:18-The man who had a palsy was taken on a roof and his friends who had carried him
Jesus lowered him down through the hole before Jesus. He was 'healed and took up his own bed walked out of the house unassisted.


We all have been injured physically at one time or another in out lifetime. Some injuries lefts scars, some did not. Well you all know or should know that a wound will heal on its own most of the time. Some may need a band aide some may need stitches. Some wounds can heal in as little as a week some may take months. It all depends on the severity of it. We also know that before healing is done. Most wounds will form a scab. This is the body's way of keeping out bacteria. But, if you pull the scab off or continually pick at the wound it takes longer for it to heal.
You in turn may end up with a scar, due to the constant re-irritation of the wound.

Consider With Me in the 1st Place-

Heal -means to restore to health of soundness. To restore to spiritual soundness. To become whole or sound.

• Jesus healed many.
• Casted out demons
• Restored Mary through his forgiveness.
• Leapers cleansed.
• Woman at the well
• Peter, after his denial of him
• Saul and his transformation

Jesus himself is our balm in Gilead. He is our healer and deliverer

Consider With Me In the 2nd Place:

Delivered-means to release or rescue, to set free.
• Who the Son makes free is free indeed
• Holy Ghost is sent to us as a comforter
• His name is Savior, the one who saves
• Shadrac, Meshack and Abendego
• Daniel in the lions den
• Paul and Silas from prison (shook the very foundation of the building

Jesus is the deliverer of all that sincerely seek him. He will bring you out of the most fiery trials of your life; unscathed (no sign of injury). He will/can do what your mother, father, sister, brother and, the closes friends cannot do in your worse situation.

Consider With Me in the 3rd Place:

Scar -A mark left on the skin following a surface injury or wound. A lingering sign of damage or injury or wound (either mental or physical)
• Childhood accidents
• Bicycle
• Skate boarding
• Falls
• Accidents from doing foolish childish things.
• Car accidents
• War wounds
• Abuse
• Neglect
• Failed marriages/relationships
• Disappointments

All of the above that I just mentioned leaves a scar of some sort on the people that are/have been affected by any of those mishaps. You can probably show a scar some whereon you person and tell the whole story of how that particular scar came to be or, if your scars are not physical ones you can more than likely convey to those would listen all of t sorted details of you failed marriage, horrible childhood, neglect and abuse caused by someone wt was supposed to care for and nurture you through the delicate years of your life.

I could probably name a million more examples, but the truth of the matter is, we all have a story. It is not "it" (our story) that should direct OUI lives as Christians. We all should be seeking the
master healer to cleanse and heal our torn and tattered lives.

In my conclusion:

I want you to know that you can go through and come out a winner. You can go through and come out set free.

Someone may be saying how is this possible? What is she talking about? She doesn't know what "I'~ gone through. It is not possible. If she only knew the pain I feel on the inside she wouldn't talk such foolishness.

Well, I can tell you about your pain...it is a ever present, pulling, tugging at you heart and mind type of pain. An every present emptiness that never subsides. A truly real and present truth in your life.

Whatever has caused you present state of being, consumes your every waking moment. You can't eat, sleep or, focus. You life's movements are dictated by this pain/circumstance. You find fault with yourself and blame yourself for you current state. You want to fix it but the harsh reality is that, it is not you who can repair this type of injury.

The only one who can fix a spiritual injury is God. There is a surgery that only he can perform. Spiritual Healing. Women and Men of God no amount of therapy or medication can totally heal you. You must first realize and truly want to release those people or things that have held you captive. Once God sees the “real" sincerity of you desires to be free, then and only then will he be able to complete his work in you.

The word of God tells us in Matt. 11:28-30 (turn to it) When you sincerely petition God for his complete help in your situation (not partial help) Totally surrender your issues to him to handle. You will begin to see the transformation in your life.

The thing(s} that once had you bound, angry, depressed and, suicidal will begin to fall off.

• Abuse
• Rape/molestation
• Hatred
• Failed relationships/marriages
• Anger
• Resentment

God can heal you and you will be made whole. 100% nothing missing, nothing broken. You will find a peace and security in knowing that God loves you that much. He himself will protect his children from any/all hurt. Once you give it (whatever it is that you have been trying to fix yourself) allow him to do his job. You will be immediately healed, delivered and set free. Your mind will be sharper, and your focus will return. This is due to that where there had once been hurt and anger, the love of God now will rest with a larger presence.

I came today to tell you men and women of the Most High God, that we do not have to walk around wounded and scarred. We serve a God who is able to heal us from the inside out. You can be healed without the scars:

Do not walk around all scarred up and damaged, we are the children of the only God who loved us so much that he gave his "only" begotten Son to redeem us back to himself.

Today, men and women of God is your day to be healed without the scars.
Release those things to God and begin to see changes in your life.

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Posted on June 16, 2009 at 5:39pm 0 Comments


Scripture Text: Luke 5:12-13

Ref. Acts Chap 3: Lame man from his mother's womb at the gate of the temple Beautiful, was healed after seeking alms of Peter & John. Vs. 6 -Peter said, "silver and gold have I none, but such a have give I thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.

• He stood up and was immediately strengthened.

• He leaped up and walked into the temple with Peter and John

•… Continue

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At 4:06pm on March 30, 2013, Demetria E. Bass said…


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Our website is   www.praise2go.com  E-mail me back at  ptriplec@aol.com


Pastor Demetria Bass

The River Christian Center

At 9:02pm on June 25, 2010, William J. Bass said…
This is Pastor William Bass, senior pastor of Praise Covenant Christian Center in Springfield, VA. I am inviting you to ck out our new 24/7 online gospel radio station. Go to www.praise2go.com After you have checked it out please e-mail me bk with your comments and thoughts at ptriplec@aol.com looking to hear from you soon. Have a blessed day.
At 1:53am on December 7, 2009, REV.DR.B.J.J.ROM said…
wish you a happy Christmas

Dear honorable beloved god’s chosen servant.
Greetings to you in the name of our great lord JESUS CHRIST.

I am a Pastor from INDIA.I am doing god’s work from 10 years. I left my job and I completely dedicated myself to god. I am doing his work with gods help. I am in his work in the way I can do and passed through many ups and down’s and rejected many opportunities to develop my career from this world for god.

I am organizing gospel meetings ( fair of Jesus glorias festival)in cal of telugu(yesu mahima agni vuchavalu) to spread god’s word to every nook and corner. We organize 4 to 5 meetings in a month in different places especially where the people who doesn’t know the god and small villages where there is no transportation. For this we have to face many hurdles. We are waiting for support form the God chosen people and Gods loveds people like you through prayers to continue our work by organizing more meetings in a month and to spread the god’s word we are distrybueting free monthly magazi minimum 1000 copes and free stickrs monthly (5000 )distrybueting we are distrybueting freely holy comuenian sets for poor pastors in the villegs we giving by faith SO

THANKING YOU and God Bless you and your ministries

Christ servant
Rev.Dr B.J.J.Rom;
foundar and director
Lightning Star ministries
102A block, Greenview Apartments
Shankeswrabazar, Saidabad
Andhra Pradesh State - 500 060
Email: lsm_rom@yahoo.co.in
At 5:02pm on August 24, 2009, Abraham Israel said…
Good Day My Wonderful Love One!. A Brother ask me if i had did some studying on Lord & Jesus? I appreciate his question in regards to Lord and Jesus. Because people just don't ask that guestion or study it to know; Moreover Here Are The FACTS; When you look in the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible or the King James Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible, Under the reference Lord there is a Hebrew code, 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. And concerning Jesus, go to the Greek Dictionary in the same reference book there is a Greek code 2424 which will take you to the Hebrew code 3091 which is Joshua,
which will take you back to the Hebrew 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. Note,when you read and apply the principles of 2 Timothy 2:15 You will know these facts That Joshua,
Jesus, Isaiah, Lord, Jehovah, John, Jonathan, and other names or titles will ALL
take you back to Hebrew Code 3068 יהוה YHWH. Moreover, I come in truth. All I ask is that you consider to study the facts and be blessed. And go and wake up your family and continue to be blessed. Praise Yahweh, Your Dear Brother Abraham
At 5:56pm on August 20, 2009, MINISTER GLORIA DALE said…
At 8:20pm on July 7, 2009, John Peavy said…
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At 10:58pm on June 29, 2009, Alex said…
Friend, does your church have an e-mail where I can send my prayer requests to? I really need prayer support right now.
At 3:58pm on June 26, 2009, Elder, Dr.Virginia Booth said…
I wanted to send some Kingdom Love your way.

Blessings to you...
At 1:19pm on June 12, 2009, Child of the Kingdom said…
Hello sister,
First off I have got to say that nothing is too hard for God not even MS. As my husband stated (Rest of God Ministries) We walk by faith and not by sight. Our son needed an operation a short time after he was born. The doctors said that if we put it off that we should at least do it before he turns 1 years old. We looked the doctor square in his eyes and told him that Jesus would handle it for us. Benjamin is now almost two years old and he is completely healed of his condition. The hole that was allowing his intestines to drop down into his groin area is completely sealed and healed and no earthly doctor had a thing to do with it. The doctor told us that it was not going to heal it self and that we would eventually have to bring him back. The other doctor told us that if we didn't get it done Benjamin could die. But God is a healer.

On the other issues sister, just be still and know that God is God. Talk with your husband and continue to cry to God about what you are feeling. Those tears are numbered as they fall from your eyes, so cry on my friend God hears your cries. I know sometimes we are tired of crying and want to see results so I say to you to command the blessing and or the breakthrough that you are looking for.
At 1:05pm on June 12, 2009, Rest Of God Ministries said…
We walk by faith and not by sight, if we base our walk on how we feel or how things look we will utterly fail. If you feel empty ask yourself this question, are you empty? When you were filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus said I will never leave you nor forsake you. So I ask you what is the truth? You are not empty. If you feel week what is the truth? Let the week say I'm strong. Never make professions about yourself that doesn't line up with the word. You are strong, God has put the strength of Samson in you, and you can deal with anything that comes upon you, he will not allow to suffer more that you can bare. The things that you go through is to make you, the trials of life are the flames that try us, that we may come forth as pure gold. Be encouraged, be of good cheer. Don't listen to your flesh, only believe. God bless you

Brother Banks

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