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The New Ministry Scam "I want to father you"

May this post shock some sense into the mindset of leaders that will read this.....

Lord I pray for my brother and sisters that have stopped by and I pray that their lives would be enriched and supported by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.

Okay if you are in the ministry and if you appear to have some success or some money.......you will attract people that seek to prey on your need to have some sort of support system due to so many that are independent and or split from traditional…


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Do we have the Ministry of the Prophet that "Warns" ?

Has anyone received a "warning" from the ministry of the prophet? Whether it was a dream, an open vision, a sermon, or the gifts of interpretation of tongues followed by a message directly to you? What was your response? Was there an alerting to danger or changing direction?
Tried this question on Facebook and only a few that are prophets even had a word for thier own life. Not sure if prophets are being hindered or just real quiet.

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Do you need a Bishop or a Covering?

Question to all my network family? As we consider covering other ministries - let me pick your brain if I can, what is the relevance of a Bishop or an Apostle to the local church? What role are these 2 types of grace gifts/office functions??

Let me know your thoughts as we prepare our planning strategy.

Do you have a Bishop - If so what are the pros/cons of having this type of covering or support.

If you have an Apostle as a covering what is the function of your Apostle within… Continue

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Possessing the Spoils (Reward)

Many times Moses and Joshua were instructed by God to "take a hill". (Deut. 1:6-7) The reference was always about the fortified city of the enemy. Sometimes the reference to "possess the gates" was used. They obeyed as they were instructed - they went on the offense and attacked the enemy's camp and later they would divide up the spoils. The spoil or spoils is the reward from the battles. The return on their investment in walking with God and moving at His command always yielded increase for… Continue

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Are you a God Chaser?

Come help me plant a new church in KC 05/17/09


Added by Apostle Rozell Tottress, Jr. on April 23, 2009 at 9:34am — 1 Comment

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