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Righteousness Shall Exalt

Righteousness shall exalt

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Prov. 14:34 KJV

It is common experience that men have prospered more through sin and wickedness than otherwise. Occult men threaten people that unless they joined the dark kingdom that they cannot receive political appointments, or elective offices. Students who labor hard in their studies have been humiliated with failure because they will not compromise…


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Continued Teaching- How to Walk Under the Anointing

How to Work Under the Anointing Act 1:8

More than a few times in my ministry I have had young men ask me, “Sir, how do you do that?” this question comes when they see me expel demons, heal the sick and mostly when I operate in the gift of word of knowledge. They discover that when I cast out demons I am so confident that they will obey me and leave. They can see that I don’t negotiate or beg them, and that I don’t intend to spend the whole day trying to expel one…


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What May be Considered as Resources


Like I said before, many people do not understand what may be termed resources. Most people consider money as all that they need to make it in ministry hence go all the way to get it. They get surprised like all else who followed that pattern that money does not bring effective ministry. Let me stress that it is rare to find a ministry motivated by the availability of money thrive in the power of the anointing. If you ask me, I will say that that is why God had to send Jesus Christ…


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How to Take Off with God's mandate


How to take off with God’s mandate


One of my protégés called one day to state the disturbance in his soul about how he can be sure he is walking within the precepts of God’s will for his life. He narrated the revelations he had received and other messages he had received from other servants of God pointing to what they believed was God’s will for his life. Let me state that many are stagnated in the Christian walk not because…


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