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Release!!! For those that had a Job Friend experience.

For those that had a Job friend experience.

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Together As One...

The man carries the vision, he is the provider, protector, and the keeper of his mate. For he has dominion as a King for he fears God, acknowledges him in every thing he does. He is obedient to the unction of the Holy Spirit, and is a sell out towards walking in divine purpose and destiny for the Kingdom of Heaven. He is about his fathers business in every aspect of his life. For he honors, respects, loves his wife as Jesus love the church. For anointing respects anointing, and iron sharpens… Continue

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2009 Prophetic Shift For the House of Deliverance

Hello to you..

.I wrote this 2 months ago... and it is already began to happen.This does not apply to every church... because some are more spiritually developed than others.

Blessings to you and yours.


The Alabaster Box By… Continue

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lost with out a trace..

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What is this?

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Words of wisdom for today..

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Hedge of Protection for Gods hurting people. Daily Prayer

Father saturate the earth with your grace and mercy.Pour out your spirit upon your people that has lost their way due the pain they have to endure. Father replace the pain with your peace. Give your hurting people a peace that surpasses all understanding. Father pour out an anointing of knowledge, understanding and wisdom as an oil created from the pain giving your people a sense on hope to hold on to. Father being that you are Jehovah Tsebosis a God of Host. Send forth your Heavenly host to… Continue

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Can You Love?

Hi my friend,

Something to ponder...

Thought for the day...

Love Cast out all fear.

it suffers long, and is unconditional.

Can you Love someone in faith, inspite of their imperfections and idiosyncrecies? Can you love them through their flaws / errors. Can you speak into them, bring out the best in them. Can you speak life into their dormant areas? How positive can you be in someones life? Can you make a difference? Can you make a negative… Continue

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My Soul Prospers Today Prayer/ Psalm

Prayer / Psalm

My Soul Prospers today

Prosperity reigns!

For I declare I have been made rich starting from the pit if my spiritual belly.

Prosperity reigns!

For it flows from my spiritman, then out through my fleshman.

For his grace, mercy, and favor abides around me all the days of my life.


For my teachers follow me and stands on my right and my left every way I go.

Isaiah 30: 18-22

Elements that rises it self above you O Lord of my… Continue

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Delusive Diamond

Have you ever been in a place where you felt like you were over looked by someone? Or misunderstood no matter what you said while conversing they would amplify a negative perception of you? As if their hammer & the chisel chipped away at your core beauty / important part of your character... leaving you dispositioned? You feel like that person finally convinced you to go out on the dance floor, their words were soft as butter, and smoothing as oil, Ps.55:21 only to find that when you turned… Continue

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The Alabaster Box by Sabrina

The Soap Box Message

Hello my friend,

Yesterday I was pondering on my past. I could not help to think about all of the mistakes I have made in my life, and how God turned what was meant for evil into good. I thought about the time when I ask God to put forgiveness in my heart for someone that wronged me. I was terribly distraught and extremely miserable.For years I was like in a prison spiritually, in a form of bondage. Many people watched me… Continue

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