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Last Day Leadership - What Kind of Leadership are we Developing (Part 1)

One of our failures of leadership today is to adopt the world's method of making the person the center of knowledge. We teach leadership classes, go to conferences, seminars, workshops and because we have attended such things we now call ourselves “leader”

We cram all the knowledge we can get, stuff it into our brains and in a few years after this process we hang a tag around our necks and we are convince that we are now “leaders”, mature in God. After all, we graduate… Continue

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What is Apostolic Oversight (Spiritual Covering)

It will be easier to see what apostolic oversight is by first stating what it is not. In 1 Thessalonians 2:1 the apostle Paul said; our coming to you was not in vain. The word "vain" expresses the hollowness of anything; Paul was saying their work was not void of content or power. This word could also be translated "empty-handed.” Paul was saying; we didn't come to take something away from you but to bring you something. This is the heart of apostolic oversight. It has nothing to do with… Continue

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