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Finish The Race

The Bible is full of images, stories, and illustrations of what Christian life is all about. For example, we are known to be part of "the Army of God". We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we are a building that is built in the likeness of Christ and we are branches and Jesus Christ is the Vine. However, my favorite analogy compares Christian living to running a race, Paul uses the running and racing image in at least nine of his epistles. And you know, it is easy to start a race; but it is… Continue

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What Should We Pay Our Pastor?

The question is asked, what do we pay our pastor? It all depends on what one considers pay. The pastor's pay is different from the pay of others, for example, the pastor's pay deals with social security purposes, housing allowance, salary, benefits, and expense reimbursements. Operating expenses belong to the church, the employer. No one expects the pastor to pay the electric bill for the lights in the church, but quite often the pastor is expected to put gas in his car to go to the hospital to… Continue

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Glorifying The Pastor?

There is a distinct difference between honoring and glorifying the pastor, the pastor is in fact a servant of God who has been called by God to shepherd His flock, nothing more and nothing less. Pastors definitely need encouragement and support from their church members. We should speak words of encouragement to and about the pastor. We ought to speak well of him and embrace his ministry as a gift from God. We need to pray for the pastor always because when the devil comes to church his eyes… Continue

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Save Troy Davis from execution

Let me share this email I received from NAACP President Benjamin T. Jealous today, "Troy Davis is an African American man who has spent the last eight years on death row for a murder he did not commit. There is no physical evidence tying him to the crime and seven out of nine witnesses have recanted. New evidence and new testimony have been presented to the Georgia courts, but the justice system refuses to consider this evidence which would prove Troy Davis' innocence once and for all." Troy… Continue

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