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Wisdom is the Ability to make good use of knowledge,ability to recognize right from wrong.Wisdom will help you to know what to do,how to do,where to do and when to do.Wisdom is the principal thing (Prov.4:7) God will grant you enough wisdom to operate this season.

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Happy New Year to all my partners and friends; I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support last year 2009 morally, spiritually and financially. May God remember your past sacrifices and grant you great reward as you step into the New Year. “Happy New Year”.

I want to appreciate God’s faithfulness last year. Many may have felt disappointed about last year because they did not get all they expected to have, but as for me God was faithful in all ramifications and more… Continue

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Every success experienced a past as well as every past has a future prepared for it.The issue of past has been a great canker eating and destroying the great destiny many people should have embraced and enjoy, thereby become a positive influence in their generation.The factor of what happened in the past has crippled many great destinies today,past experiences,past failures,past humiliations,past shocks and every other thing that has passed.

One truth about your past is that you are no… Continue

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"For Every one born of God overcomes the world.This is the victory that has overcome the world,even our faith."1John 5:4. If you are born by God,there is on you a devinne mark of excellence,you Cary in you a seed of victory in every aspect of life it means you are different,distinguished to be the best where ever and when ever.

God who carved us out in his image(likeness) Excelled in all he initiated,when God created man,he breath in them the same power to excel no wonder God spoke to… Continue

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Greetings to every body from Mali West Africa in the name of our Lord Jesus what a great joy to revisit Mali after twelve years I left this nation where God visited my life in a way I did not see Him before going to Mali. After twelve years Mali has been developed twenty times than what it used to be.I was happy when I saw my fathers in the Lord bishop Osakue akioya and Pastor Colins Amaraiwu.Our Churches here are doing well and there are more open doors for the spread of the gospel.

When… Continue

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This is an expression to one who has succeeded or has a certified proof for future success.In Judges 6:12,while Gideon was running away from Midianite's hostility,he received a sudden greeting from the Angel of the Lord.Instead of hearing the confirmation of his impression of himself which was Smallest in his father's house,from a small family,in a small kindred,of a small tribe.Gideon received another

and a better information of who he is"MIGHTY WARRIOR" Gideon was under the bondage of… Continue

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It is passion and love I have for Great men and Women of God that persuaded me to share this little inspiration the Holy Spirit ministered to me on the issue of Destiny.

I thought that destiny is a mission of one's choice,an assignment one decided to accomplish,what one wants to become.lately I came to find out that it is not about man and his choice or will but it is devine,it is all about God's original purpose of creating one,it is God's set goal one needs to pursue and achieve,it is a… Continue

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The gospel culminated on one thing which is Love.Out of Love is out of God,All we say and do today in the name of the gospel will be fruitless with out love.It was love that motivated God to make or create a beautiful world and gave to man to rule.This love also moved God to give his only son for man`s redemption.We may bear big tittles ,Apostles ,Prophets,Pastors,Teachers,Evangelist,Bishop,etc.we can Build Cathedrals,gather hundreds of thousands if all this have no root in love we work in… Continue

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