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Where you raised by a pedophile? Have you been led astray or deceived by “Christian leaders”? Alternatively, have you had an encounter with Jesus? Or would you be embarrassed if Jesus was to come to find you not living…


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Book Promo- Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice: How it all began

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Book- "Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice"

Promoting My Book

Hello, this is Prophetess LaTarsha Forbes and today's episode I will be speaking about my new book Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice. I started attempted to write this book in 2008 and I was swayed not to write. It was the enemy of course, giving me all the reasons why I should not write. So the following year, 2009 the Lord brought the book back to my spirit. I started… Continue

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Today I watched the movie Fireproof for the second time. The first time I watched was with my husband bootleg style. Towards the end of the movie as they were going through their dialog- I was thinking. "Some people work hard at being angry". "And if you have to work hard at it, you don't need to be angry, so just stop being angry" "And there are some people who can do it naturally". "I am not the type of person to hold anger". "I am forget it and let it go", unlike my counterpart. Moreover, in… Continue

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Obedience to God

Hi, my name is Prophetess LaTarsha Forbes. Welcome to Feed My Sheep radio talk. Today's topic is about obedience. That is obedience to God. I don't know how many unsaved audience, or how many of you who have not given your life to Jesus Christ. Jesus was born by a virgin name Mary. God the Creator blessed Mary's womb and she conceived the Savior of the world. Jesus came to save God's children from Satan. The Savior wants to be the possessor of your soul instead of Satan. Satan, also known as… Continue

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Jesus’ has commanded me to feed His sheep. My ministry is standing on the scripture, Joshua 1:18. The mandate God has placed on my life is to bring His children to the Land of Canaan also referred as the Promised Land. Coupled with that I am to lead/teach His children on how to gain access and live in the realm of abundance in this life. One other assignment I am to lead/show His children how to enter into the realm of the spirit. Finally, I am to lead/usher His children into the Kingdom of… Continue

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My first book: Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Description of the title: A true testimony about my life. A testimony on how my disobedience caused me to endure the ultimate sacrifice-death. The Spirit was telling me no, but my heart’s desire was telling me yes. I thought I met my “Boaz”. But instead I met a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But God knew I was going to make a bad choice. But He gave beauty for ashes. He was faithful to me, when I wasn’t faithful to Him.

Autobiography about me: My… Continue

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