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Spam saying it is from Celine of ABCpreachers.ning.com

Got this email:

Hello Dear,

Please permit me to introduce my self to you, my name is miss Celina Bassa, a 24 years old Guinean citizen,5.6ft tall and fair in complexion. My father died of a fatal car accident while my mother died when I was young, And from there things becomes worst in my side facing problem from most especially my wicked uncle who wanted to kill me so he can have my late father wealth and properties, Mean while when my father was alive he was a well known… Continue

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Why They Ain't Thiinkin Bout Church-The Oncore!

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The Prophet's Pulse--What's Happening Now?

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Running with 09

I See It—Running with 09!

Running with 09 takes a different path than previous years; we have walked through completion (07), new beginnings (08) and now comes the transition (09) in preparation for the emergence of New Order (10).

09 is a strategic time of transition. Are you ready to run with 09? God is going to solidify and bring into fruition many of the visions, plans and purposes that you have received from him.… Continue

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Have You Been Begging God?

Servants of Excellence, have you been begging God?

How much time have you spent lately begging and pleading with God for him to do what he has already done? True enough he may not have DONE it in you yet but it’s done and having it done in you requires that you come to a place

1)where you understand that Jesus said "it is finished"

2)where you understand and embrace He did it for you… Continue

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Calling All Prickers!

A recent conversation causing me to think about what believers (men or women) want in ministry prompts me to think about the message of the gospel in its entirety. What do people want to hear when they listen to a message? Read a Blog? Engage in a discussion? Today's generations want inspirational, encouraging and uplifting information; based on biblical principles but not necessary The Bible. Of course that's my opinion. What's yours?

It… Continue

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He's God of The Break OUT!

My new birth experience was in a humble and somewhat traditional Pentecostal church. My Pastor a wonderful man with a true heart for fulfilling God's Ephesian 4 commission took me under his wing and nurtured me saying that "God was doing a quick work" in me. I felt it and understood what he meant and dedicated myself to prayer, study and walking upright before the Lord.

My new birth and early growth process was wonderful and exciting except one… Continue

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CalledWoman: Check Your Stuff(A must hear for today's woministers!)

This word is a release straight from the throne for the warrior within! Before you head out to the battle field Check your stuff! feel free to visit me at www.snapvine.com/gapmin

Comment |…


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Which Of Us Will Be The Greatest?

I have wrestled with writing this article but find it necessary as I repeat to myself one of my own quotes: it may not be easy but it is necessary!

I am carefully observing the nature of ministry in this time, season and dispensation and watching many islands of ministry drift, float and be out at sea alone.

Seems everyone has a ministry or persona they desire to promote and within the boundaries of 'their' ministry is a desire to get it out front and be as Simon the sorcerer… Continue

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Prophetic Release: The Pruning Is Here

Wow! The move of God in this season is an awesome move and I hear in my spirit over and over that this outpouring is for those that choose to receive it . We have walked and to some extent continue to walk in a season of church as usual but there is a fresh wind of repentence individually and cooperately that is sweeping the land. The thing about wind is that it blows on everyone but not all react or respond the same when it blows. This is a season of being and doing.

Know that I… Continue

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